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COAST & MAIN Seafood & Chop House

The Pacific Northwest, particularly North West Oregon, is unmatched anywhere in the world for its majestic beauty and awe-inspiring natural features. There really is no place that provides such grandeur with its unique blend of vineyards and ancient forests of hemlocks and firs looming like foreboding giants within deep green forests, sheer rock walls that tower high above the Columbia River Gorge, and the Columbia [...]

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Family First Business Second

From the upscale urban shift in Lawrenceville’s changing landscape to veritable institutions aligning the way along Carson Street, the Pittsburgh nightlife scene is rich with entertainment options. Then again, an eclectic assemblage of entertaining options has always been a norm in this town. Sure some of the names of the hotspots have changed over time, as have the names of the trendy neighborhoods, but the [...]

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Recently, after concluding an article regarding Pittsburgh’s premier matchmaker, the publisher of The City Scene and I stopped into the Squirrel Hill Cafe for a bite to eat and to reflect on potential angles for the upcoming article. As soon as I had walked into the place I was transcended in time. I had not been for a visit in years, but ambiance reached out [...]

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Weekend Warrior: Rugby

There is an old English adage that “Soccer is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans”, and “Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.” While I don’t necessarily agree with the former, (I know a few soccer players and they are hail fellows well met as a Brit might tell you), I can say with certainty that the latter is absolutely true and that Rugby [...]

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The Sizzle Continues

“The Signature Sizzle” - Meet Ruth’s Chris Steak House Head Chef, Dennis Denk DJ Zelczak, Editor Elias Hanna, Publisher Ruth’s Chris Steak House is among the most respected upscale restaurant brands the world over. From Las Vegas to Hong Kong and from Shanghai to Pittsburgh, The Ruth’s Chris delivers a high standard of consistent quality from presentation to an after dinner drink selection that will [...]

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Cierra S, Mixologist of The Month

Say hello to Cierra Snyder, The City Scenes March 2019, mixologist of the month. Cierra can be found most evenings at Ruth’s Chris Steak House located in downtown Pittsburgh, mixing, shaking and stirring classic cocktails in an upscale fine dining atmosphere, her trademark, the Manhattan cocktail. Combining whiskey, vermouth, and bitters in a cocktail martini glass and topping it off with a wild Italian Amarena [...]

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The Modern Matchmaker, a Commitment To Love

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and you are a busy professional. You are doing what is necessary to make sure that the world beats a path to your doorstep. There is no time for rest. You can rest when you’re dead as the adage goes. You barely have time for a social life at all. Golf and the occasional cigar/scotch combo with the [...]

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An Interview With Chef B At Vue 412

So, you are new to Pittsburgh, or just visiting and you have decided to ask one of the locals for a recommendation about where to go to see the sites. Most likely, the most popular recommendation will be to go to Mount Washington to take in the one of a kind, can’t be duplicated anywhere else, view of a downtown that is breathtakingly beautiful. [...]

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City Spaces

The Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh is a lot of things. It is the academic heartbeat of the city, and it serves as the City’s cultural lifeblood. It is boutique. It is unique. It is a fascinating cultural blend of past, present, and future. It is a college town and a haven of ground breaking medical and robotic research. There is so much to see [...]

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The Business of Beauty

Her first professional work took her from a small hometown girl to appearing on one of the biggest billboards at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Since then she has been featured in glamorous photo spreads and has modeled for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. She has also stepped into the ring. Not just any ring, but the rings of Madison [...]

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