Big Shot Bob’s – Dominating Pittsburgh One Wing at a Time

//Big Shot Bob’s – Dominating Pittsburgh One Wing at a Time

Big Shot Bob’s – Dominating Pittsburgh One Wing at a Time

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Most companies that start out here in Pittsburgh tend to leave the area after reaching a certain point of economic success. The small businesses tend to be conservative in terms of expansion or renovation as well. What if a local favorite could remain true to their values and achieve great success all while placing locations all over the Pittsburgh area? Big Shot Bob’s did exactly that. With locations in Avalon, Beechview, Carnegie, Coraopolis, Hopewell, Johnstown, Midland, Cranberry, Monica, Penn Hills, Penn Township, Sharpsburg and the South Side, Big Shot Bob’s holds a reputation all over the Western Pennsylvania region. They even have two West Virginia locations if you’re ever out that way.

There isn’t much to the interior design of BSB’s. With most locations looking quite basic and similar to a hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop diner, not much is to be expected from someone who has never experienced BSB’s before. The tables, televisions, and the ordering process is nothing extravagant at all. BSB’s practically allows for the food to speak for itself.

But what makes Big Shot Bob’s so unique? Look no further than their signature options. I visited the South Side location and became amazed at the availability offered here. The menu is completely covered in wing options, with over 50 (yes, five-zero) classic options and a mass amount of signature options. The signature wings vary immensely, from the “Thunderlips” ( a ranch dressing and BSB’s Atomic Dust seasoned wing) to interesting flavor profiles such as the “Lake Show” (a raspberry and honey mustard seasoned wing). When it comes to the fries, BSB’s provides the option to add a “bed” of fries to any wing purchase. This is actually bedding for the wings, something I’ve never seen before. Aside from the wings, Big Shot Bob’s also offers burgers and hoagies too.

As a summary, Big Shot Bob’s is perfect for any wing enthusiast. If you like wings, chances are you’ll find something you love at BSB’s. Sometimes simplicity is just a cover for something extraordinary, and that’s exactly what Big Shot Bob’s delivers.