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Big Shot Bob’s – Dominating Pittsburgh One Wing at a Time

Most companies that start out here in Pittsburgh tend to leave the area after reaching a certain point of economic success. The small businesses tend to be conservative in terms of expansion or renovation as well. What if a local favorite could remain true to their values and achieve great success all while placing locations all over the Pittsburgh area? Big Shot Bob’s did exactly [...]

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5th Anniversary Celebration at The Brew Gentlemen: May 26, 2019 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

The Braddock brewery celebrates their five-year anniversary on Monday 26, 2019 and yes, a party is in the works. The brewhouse is celebrating the right way, with a week of unique events. The event begins with something shall we say unique. How about an edition of Beer plus Yoga. The Brewhouse will also release some anniversary brews. The party kicks off at 11 am and [...]

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Welcome to Cinderlands

The brewery and restaurant known as Cinderlands Beer Co. is opening their second location setting up shop in the Old Spaghetti Warehouse, a restaurant that was formerly located in a warehouse space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s strip district and served heaping mounds of spaghetti to Pittsburgh foodies for close to 3 decades. But it's out with the old and in the with the new. [...]

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Recently, after concluding an article regarding Pittsburgh’s premier matchmaker, the publisher of The City Scene and I stopped into the Squirrel Hill Cafe for a bite to eat and to reflect on potential angles for the upcoming article. As soon as I had walked into the place I was transcended in time. I had not been for a visit in years, but ambiance reached out [...]

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Dining in Romance, Burgh Style

Altius translated from the original Latin means “higher.” The term is also appropriately attached to the ELEVATED CUSINE offered at the nationally recognized restaurant located high above the city scene on Grandview Boulevard in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The dining space gives patrons a sense of being suspended among the clouds with a jaw dropping view of city below. Speaking of Chops, Altius [...]

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An Interview With Chef B At Vue 412

So, you are new to Pittsburgh, or just visiting and you have decided to ask one of the locals for a recommendation about where to go to see the sites. Most likely, the most popular recommendation will be to go to Mount Washington to take in the one of a kind, can’t be duplicated anywhere else, view of a downtown that is breathtakingly beautiful. [...]

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Grab Your Wingman and Head To B-Dubs

On Sunday, February 3, the battle is on for the biggest football game of the year, a national holiday to most, and let’s face facts, if it isn’t, we do think the subsequent Monday should be to allow for post-game recovery time. Not only a great day for football but also a great day for foodies. According to the folks from the coupon website,, [...]

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There Is A Beer Fest In Pittsburgh

The 6th Annual Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest has arrived with even more craft beer, local food, and local Music, than ever before. Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest will be held on February 23-24, 2018, at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh parking could be scarce so arrive early, there are however several parking lots available within walking distance of the David Lawrence Convention Center. Expect lines at [...]

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Dining on the Scene

Pittsburgh has seen a booming onset of culinary creations and innovations, being highly ranked as one of the best cities for ravenous foodies across our great country. This is an outstanding accomplishment considering how many endless cities there really are across the map. Unfortunately, regardless of such an outstanding accomplishment many of us continue to frequent the same restaurant chains; ordering the same burgers, [...]

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An Angus Annihilation With BRGR

An Angus Annihilation with BRGR Crafting the perfect burger is something that’s been attempted for decades across the US. As it may never be completed this pursuit of perfection has left many restaurants in despair, searching for success while becoming more and more distant from their core. BRGR holds confidence in their signature and classic options while providing one of the thickest patties in [...]

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