September is here and the official start date for fall is actually September 23, 2019, yes, right around the corner. Yet warm humid weather is still on the Pittsburgh Scene and The City Scene has taken notice. Picture this, you just sat down at the best new rooftop bar & are waiting on the date you’ve been texting for the past week.  They finally come walking in after what seems like an eternity (which, in reality, has been about 7 minutes) and you’ve got a nice pool of sweat soaking through the shirt you spent an hour picking out.  Not quite what you imagined?  Don’t sweat it.   I’ve got a few tips that’ll keep you feeling just as cool as you’ll look.

Pittsburgh weather is brutal about 360 out of 365 days of the year, but the humidity can ruin your style like no other.  The key to staying cool and dry is finding clothing items that are fitted to follow the shape of your body without being so tight they make you sweaty or so loose you look like you’re wearing a sack.

Try picking out items that have a “straight” (for pants and tops) or “shift” (for dresses) fit, and steer clear of anything skinny.  Slim cuts can be a perfect choice, especially if you want to show off your shape a little more, but you should try these ones on to make sure they’re not too form fitting.

Along with cuts, certain fabrics will be a lifesaver.

Your go-to fabrics should always be light & made from natural materials.  Check the labels to make sure your clothing is made from cotton, modal, Tencel, or linen to give yourself your best chance at staying cool.

There are also a few fabrics you should avoid at all costs, and the number one is polyester.  Polyester is a synthetic fabric that allows for little to no airflow, so you’ll be trapping all the sweat in (plus, this one in particular is super bad for the environment!).  Sidestep nylon, heavy denim, and rayon, too.

Guys, try pairing a short-sleeved button-down chambray top with light linen pants.  The straight fit of the top will feel great and both the lightweight chambray fabric and linen pants are breathable.

Ladies, opt for a fun jumpsuit without a tight fit & maybe some small cutouts.  They work just like your own personal air vents, and when strategically placed, can even prevent that ever-dreaded back sweat.  But, again, make sure you’re picking a good fabric.

Fall weather and pumpkin spice everything is on the horizon, but until then, stick with these tips to beat the summer heat.