Halloween is right around the corner, and for many that means trick-or-treating, candy, and costume parties.

But for Pittsburgh-born model and athlete Dessie Mitcheson, it means coming under criticism for modeling what appears to be a “sexy Mr. Rogers” Halloween costume. As they say, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. But is life really this serious, ladies and gentlemen? Halloween has become as fun for adults as it is for children – if not more.

The costume, designed and produced by Yandy, is officially named the “Nicest Neighbor Costume,” and includes a crop-top cardigan, a collar and tie combo, and a pair of booty shorts. By today’s standards, this costume would be considered conservative (there’s no nudity here!) and is way more clothes than a girl would wear to the beach. It is also just another in a long line of Halloween controversies that happen year after year to remind us that the new America would no longer be the new America if we weren’t all offended by something, and then hid behind social media and just repeated what other human sheep were repeating.

Last year, it was the sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume that social media declared “problematic.” In 2017, the Stormie Daniels look-alike costumed caused quite a stir. And who could forget 2016’s sexy Harambe the Gorilla??

Who could forget? Well – everyone, that’s who.

No one (we hope) is still losing sleep over a Halloween costume from 3 years ago. So why have we decided as a city to tear this woman apart for doing her job – modeling a Halloween costume? And really, who better to portray a much better-looking Mr. Rogers than a girl who became a model and grew up only 20 minutes from Mr. Rogers’ actual neighborhood?

And of course, across the country, we will see tons of Catholic priest costumes this year (just like every year). People who continue to dress up as clergymen in spite of the ongoing criminal indictments of Pedophile Priests and the known cover-ups by the Catholic Church.  Yet, no one has yet to “cancel” that old joke of a costume which has today become the uniform of national child molesters.


Dessie is a model, just being a…model, folks. And we have to be fair to everyone right? Right. So, let’s treat her with the same level of fairness and opportunity that we would give to a member of any other group. Fair is fair, after all.

And let’s not turn this into a political debate. The City Scene is pro-human being and pro-common sense. Our goal is not to bash any member of a particular community. We simply aim to be fair to all cultures, ethnicities, religions, and races. Mr. Rogers did teach us to love each other just as we are, after all.

Speaking of the lessons learned from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood – his show reminded us daily to be kind to others, to always be ourselves, and to be good neighbors. The treatment of Ms. Mitcheson by her own hometown doesn’t feel very kind or neighborly, especially in light of the fact that Dessie has stayed true to her Pittsburgh roots – often returning home to participate in fashion shows that benefit Pittsburgh charities such as Costumes for a Cause.

Mr. Rogers was a hero for children. His legacy lives on for all of us who watched him as children. Sadly, Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003. Should we really believe his biggest fans – who are now all adults – are deeply scarred by this playful image of Mr. Rogers? Despite what some overzealous people may post on social media, this has done nothing to “ruin our childhoods.”

Make Mr. Rogers proud today; offer a kind word to your neighbor. And stop taking everything in life so seriously!