Pre-Dating Speed Dating is a nationwide company that has brought speed dating to Pittsburgh. Host, Brenda Phillips, coordinates events at Red Beards on Mount Washington and also at the Meadows Casino. As a single mother, Brenda was inspired by Pre-Dating Speed Dating and became a consultant help herself and others get out there and meet new people.

As business professionals, it could be so difficult to balance a social life with the mad chaos we go through on a day to day basis.  Outside of our offices and close friend groups, it is challenging to meet new people.  We have all tried various dating sites which are so impersonal and honestly, impersonating. So much time is spent making the perfect profile with edited pictures and stretched truths; it is hard to define ourselves let alone someone else.

Pre-Dating Speed Dating is a fun, interactive, stress-free way to meet singles in your area.  Just like in the movies, the girls stay planted in their seats while the guys rotate around the room to meet each girl for a six-minute date.  Unlike online dating, speed dating is a real experience. The men and women who attend are genuine and are actually interested in meeting someone they share common interests with.  These singles are confident enough to put themselves out there and not hide behind filtered pictures and lame pick-up lines.

At Brenda’s most recent speed dating event, she incorporated a fun theme.  In the spirit of Mardi Gras, Brenda made masquerade mask name tags for the girls and had the boys gift a set of beads to the ladies they were most interested in meeting.  Brilliantly, she also provided ice-breaker games for each date in case of any dull moments.  The whole event is stress-free. For those who are more timid and anxious about engaging with new people, you only need to survive six minutes.

Everyone is given a form to complete throughout the dating process.  During each date, you are to write little notes about each contender and decide if you would like to see them again. At the end, everyone submits their forms to Brenda and she sends you the results of your matches.  If you match with someone, she will issue you both each other’s contact information.  In addition, she will send the contact information of all the contenders who liked you even if you did not originally select them.  In case you were on the fence about choosing them initially, you have the opportunity to give them a second chance.

Brenda hosts speed dating events every month for 20s-30s and 40s-50s age groups.  If you are truly interested in meeting someone new while having a fun night in the process, make your next date a six-minute date by attending the next Pre-Dating Speed Dating event!