The Modern Matchmaker, a Commitment To Love

//The Modern Matchmaker, a Commitment To Love

The Modern Matchmaker, a Commitment To Love

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Valentine’s Day is on its way, and you are a busy professional. You are doing what is necessary to make sure that the world beats a path to your doorstep. There is no time for rest. You can rest when you’re dead as the adage goes. You barely have time for a social life at all. Golf and the occasional cigar/scotch combo with the guys doesn’t count. Those things are akin to breathing.

You know that if you could find that special someone, you’d slow down long enough to smell the roses, and so you try the dating sites. Then after a month, you find out that there are too much hassle and too many senseless crazies looking for a “text and email buddy” that you care to deal with, and so you abandon all hope and get back to work.

What if I told you there was a better way to find that one girl you’ve been looking for? What if I told you this way cut out all of the BS in dating? You don’t have time to play games and you definitely don’t have time to waste by spending time getting to know a girl online only to find she isn’t who she said she was when you finally hook up for coffee.

Instead, may I suggest a matchmaker. Yeah, a matchmaker. For those of you who don’t know, a matchmaker is someone who will take the time to really dig deep into who you are and what you are looking for in a potential mate, and then they take serious time to match you with exactly the woman you are looking for and visa versa.

Now the key to the process is that you don’t just go with any matchmaker. There are plenty to go around, but few have honed their skills over the years to perfect the craft, and believe me, it is a craft. So, the idea is to Find the best of the best in Matchmaking or you may as well go back to the dating sites. Luckily, The City Scene has located one of the best here in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh PA.

Her name is Susan Dunhoff and she is the Founder and President of The Modern Matchmaker. She has been at this game for decades and she has completely mastered the craft. I think the reason that she is so good at what she does though is that she has a passion for love and in fact Susan tells us that she is “in love with love” Susan herself, finding love early on. She’s been married to the guy of her dreams for quite a while now and from the beginning of that journey, she has wanted to bring the same joy to others.

One of the other things about Susan that I think makes her so great at what she does is her ability to make a guy feel good about himself as well as feeling good about the world in general, from the moment you walk into her office. It’s like you get an immediate shot of vitamin sunshine just to sit down with her.

Beyond that, she is a keen listener, and one of the most empathetic, articulate and intelligent people you will know. She is going to take the time to get to know you. She will be your coach, your friend and your confidant throughout the process. If a date doesn’t go as expected. She’ll give you the female perspective on what may have gone wrong.

She’s got friends too. Friends like Natalie Shugars who will be the feature in an upcoming article. Natalie is taking the city by storm, and she is going to help you with things like wardrobe, style, and substance. An Image, Style, and Confidence specialist, she is an ala carte featured item to The Modern Matchmakers menu, with her very own brand, Renew You. So stay tuned. Love is in the air.

Susan will tell you things about yourself that you will want to hear. Natalie will help you to look the part. Together they are a united force in bringing together busy professionals who otherwise would have had no chance to meet.

If your quest is to find that seriously significant other to share your life with and not just a date without the commitment, then give Susan a call. I’m positive you will be glad that you did.