I first met Joey DiSalvo in the year 2000. At that time, he was a young, effervescent restauranteur with a philosophy and a message about how to embrace food, cooking, wine, cigars, and all of the other shades and flavors of living the good life, no matter your budget. As for myself, I was a not so young producer working at a fledgling internet television network and in need of fresh content.

Together we formulated a program called “The Good Life” which has developed over the years into a franchise that is now known as “A Taste of the Good Life.” The show itself had a very robust multi-year run, but Joey’s Taste the Good Life philosophy has grown to become a staple in the minds of many people across the globe.

To understand the meaning of The Good Life, you would have to begin at the beginning, which for Joey DiSalvo is the train station in Latrobe Pennsylvania that his father Guy converted into an elegant restaurant twenty-nine years ago. Guy himself a master chef, and a specialist in Italian cuisine converted the old station into a place of escapist ambiance and old European charm.

To this day, to sit in the main dining room is to experience a world far from the small town in which it is situated. The wine library at DiSalvo Station has always been exquisite, now, the selection has grown beyond the restaurant itself to four wine stores throughout the Pittsburgh area.

The Good Life is about a total dining experience. It is the Antithesis of fast food and convenience store computer kiosks. The Good Life is about drinking deep drafts of the essence of the total experience. It is not about being first to the finish line, it is about mindfully embracing every taste, smell and aroma.

To that end, after dinner in the dining room, patrons are encouraged to take the short stroll down a short brick staircase to Joey D’s. For the past twenty-six years, Joey D’s has been entertaining after dinner visitors with top-shelf quality selections and an overwhelming sense of Joie de vivre. The bar is cozy and is wrapped in a clubhouse atmosphere, where on display is one of the finest cigar selections in the entire Southwestern Pennsylvania area. I thoroughly enjoy a good cigar at Joey D’s. Mostly because of the conversation and the new friends that you are sure to make, but there is also something to be said for the science of moisture control. Without an understanding of the effects of air on a leaf, a humidor can be a cigar’s worst enemy.

Through the years of shaping the narrative of what the Taste of the Goof Lifemotto truly stands for, Joey has traveled the world in search of the finest examples of every culinary category. As a result, he is now a significant wine importer, with a clientele that includes the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania itself. Joey has also developed deep relationships with leading leaf growers from Honduras to The Dominican Republic.

The Good Life is about Wine, and food, a good cigar and the finest of quality liquors, but it is also about great conversation and great people. People who understand that life rushes by us in whispered roars, and for that reason, they take the time to enjoy all of the bounties that the world has to offer. People like that are always happy to meet hail fellows well met. One particular person like that, a man who understands succinctly and with crystal clarity what it is to Taste the Good Life, is Joey DiSalvo.