The year 2020 has certainly come with some challenges to say the least. The curse of Covid19 has us cooped up and cabin fever has certainly taken on a new meaning. Nightlife is nonexistent but that doesn’t mean we can’t drink beer. From domestics and imports to classic lagers and daring IPAS the wonderful world of beer drinking seems to be without limit.


Here at The City Scene we delight in beer drinking and we are about to give you a lesson called beer 101. Sit in the from row, sharpen your pencils, freeze your mugs, and pull out your notebook you are in a privileged position to learn a thing or two. While being stuck at home we should not just drink, we should learn while we drink. Pay attention you will be quizzed later.




IPA stands for India Pale Ales, beer that includes various styles and flavors that derive largely from hops, herbals, citrus and sometimes even fruity flavors. In most cases IPAS contain high levels of alcohol. IPAS range in style and flavor in many cases based on where you may be located when you are drinking them. West coast VS East coast IPAS seem to differ. IPAS are many beer elitist drinkers first love when they step onto the craft beer drinker’s scene. The champagne of a beer drinkers’ pallet. Best served with filet mignon and lobster. Also, best served with pretzels, chips and peanuts.



Pale Ales are also hoppy but contain less alcohol content then our closely related cousin the IPA. Pale ales are made up of the American pale ale, blonde ale, and English pale ale family and are an easy, enjoyable and might we say breathtaking experience to thirst-quench. Best served at aback-yard barbeque or soaking up the sun in the neighbors’ pool. Also, a nice after drink to have after having dinner and – drinks, to cleanse your pallet of course.



Sour beer unlike sour grapes has become very popular in the USA over the last couple years. Sour beer could also be known as tart beer and can appear in many forms. Sour beers combine sweet and sour flavors and often add in fruity features to tantalize the taste buds and make the lips pucker. Best Served whileenjoying a drink with your new girlfriend while fighting about your old girlfriend.



Ok Let’s talk Lagers. Another amazing beer choice, made with bottom fermenting yeast that has a much lower tolerance to alcohol. Lager Beers usually have a much lighter taste to them. Commonly known lagers are found just about everywhere, Coors, Coors light, Budweiser, Miller, and even Yuengling are all considered Lagers. A light, clean, friendly tasting beer best servedfor breakfast.


Pilsners, say it, Pilsners come from the Czech Republic and hold a crisp, bitter flavor and when we say bitter, we mean bitter in the most amazing refreshing and breathtaking way known to the beer drinking man, or woman. Best Served when dining, dancing and romancing with a lovely lady from Central Europe.

Class Dismissed. Next Lesson – Beer 102. Coming soon.