Asa Foster and Matt Katase had a dream, their dream, to open a brewery, the business of beer was born not only out of their love of great beer, but also out of a desire to pave their own road, a road that was built on the expressive, and creative entrepreneurship that lived deep inside them.

In 2012 the pair graduated from college and moved to Braddock. This is where the road began and that dream became a goal. Embarking on an 18-month do it yourself journey of renovating they eventually converted an old electrical supply store into the brewery and taproom that we have come to love today. Brew Gentlemen staggered onto the scene in 2014 and 5 years later is still in the bar fight for Pittsburgh’s most popular brewery. Their General Braddock’s IPA pays tribute to General Edward Braddock, the son of Major-General Edward Braddock who followed his father at the age of 15 into to the army and they are strictly business with the certified public accountant Citra Pale Ale. While The Brew Gentlemen does not have a kitchen in house some of their food truck partners are made up of Gyros N At, PGH Tortas, Blue Sparrow, Blowfish BBQ, Braserro Grill, and the Pub Chip Shop.

Brew Gentlemen is Located at 512 Braddock Avenue stop and visit The Brew Gentlemen as soon as possible.