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Love Is Made In The Kitchen

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic the majority of our Pittsburgh restaurants are open one minute and closed the next, romantic dinner dates and nights out, in the city and on the scene are extremely hard to come by. First dates are rescheduling, couples are cancelling, tensions are high, restaurants are barely seating at 25% and it’s all due to the horrid curse of [...]

Dating with distance

            It may seem impossible - but Dating Coach Dina Brenci has some creative solutions for dating through this global pandemic: “I know that for a lot of us it can be difficult to imagine romantically engaging with others without physically being able to see them. So the solution to this challenge is more about a shift in thoughts then [...]

Worst Dating Trends of 2020

Thought ghosting was as bad as it gets? Move over, 2019. 2020 has some awful tricks up its sleeve. Fleabagging Do you find yourself constantly dating (and staying with) partners who are comically wrong for you? If there’s anything we learned from the eponymous TV series starring the captivating Phoebe Waller-Bridge, it’s that fleabagging is the most effective way of breaking our own hearts. This [...]

The 6 minute connection

Pre-Dating Speed Dating is a nationwide company that has brought speed dating to Pittsburgh. Host, Brenda Phillips, coordinates events at Red Beards on Mount Washington and also at the Meadows Casino. As a single mother, Brenda was inspired by Pre-Dating Speed Dating and became a consultant help herself and others get out there and meet new people. As business professionals, it could be so difficult to balance [...]

The Modern Matchmaker, a Commitment To Love

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and you are a busy professional. You are doing what is necessary to make sure that the world beats a path to your doorstep. There is no time for rest. You can rest when you’re dead as the adage goes. You barely have time for a social life at all. Golf and the occasional cigar/scotch combo with the [...]

The Pittsburgh Love Boat

Maybe you have been hit by cupid’s arrow and you are looking for a little dining, dancing, and romancing this coming Valentines day. The City Scene has a perfect date idea that covers all of the above. The Gateway Clipper Fleet is inviting lovers to join on a romantic river cruise around the city. Dine, dance, romance, and sail, with a beautiful city backdrop. The [...]

The Art of Being an “Alpha” Gentleman ……. The Dinner Date

Most of us have heard the term, alphamale, and we have all heard the term gentleman. But there seems to be a lot of confusion these days about what actually defines an alphamale, and it certainly seems that the gentleman has become an endangered species. Can the modern day alphamale and the gentleman be joined and reinvented as the “Alpha Gentleman”?In recent times, the role [...]

A Coffee Break Date

Looking for an easy, non-threatening way to get to know a woman? Try a coffee break date. Beautiful women are constantly approached by men asking them out. The idea of jumping into a multiple-hour long date with someone new can be frightening for a lady. The art of a “coffee break date” is one that more men should practice. Here are a few reasons why: [...]

Tactical Texting

We live in an increasingly technological society. Cell phones are constantly being inundated with social media updates, texts, email notifications, Snapchats, and even the occasional antiquated phone call. Millions of people make love connections based off of online dating sites. IPhone applications become cultural sensations. Businesses are run across oceans, across mountains, and from just about anywhere in the world. With all of this [...]