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10 Trends to Rock this Fall

Fall is officially upon us and even though our fall activities may look a little different this year, it’s still fun to dress in the latest trends! Between the triumphant return of the poncho and the abundance of leather, there’s much to look forward to, fashionably-speaking, this fall. These are 10 hot fashion trends to note this season for date nights, gatherings with the girls, [...]

Alpha Style 101

Okay men, it's officially fall fashion time. All over the country, men’s top fashion consultants agree on two things. One, that classic styles never go out of style; and two, that clothes really do make the man. There is generally one reason why men want to look so damn good: that one reason is usually women. First impressions matter and setting yourself apart from what [...]

Southern in the Steel City

  Over the last few months, we have featured local country music artists that are ready to hit the music scene. Next on our list is true southern belle, Becca Bowen. While not a local (she hails from South Carolina), Bowen has developed a love for Pittsburgh and all things Steel City. We caught up with Becca this week at a local restaurant so she [...]

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Pittsburgh’s Black ‘N Gold Girl Releases New Single This Week

Pittsburgh’s very own pop star, Natalie Shugars, has released her newest single this week. Titled Cry Like Memphis, Shugars says that this song is a tribute to The King himself. Since her childhood, Natalie has resonated with Elvis’ story of perseverance from rags to riches, and most importantly, finding peace through music. This song is laced with power, emotion, and the sentiment of a lifelong [...]

Ashley Puckett

The year 2020 may have been the worst on record for most, but for North Huntingdon native Ashley Puckett, this year has seen many of her dreams come true. Her debut album, “Never Say Never,” released in February - featuring her hit single “Medicine,” which has had over 101,000 streams on Spotify. The 28-year-old’s follow-up song, “Bulletproof,” has hit #1 on the World Indie Music [...]

Summer is not canceled

It’s finally that time of year when the weather is heating up, everyone’s longing to get outside, and the VSCO girls are all Instagramming their bullet journals filled with summer bucket lists in 18 different ink colors repeating the same Instagram clichés over and over again. However, this summer season is obviously going to be a little bit different. Even as we’ve seen the local [...]

Grocery Store Survival Guide

I don’t know about you, but I avoid the grocery stores as much as possible now. They have longer lines than Kennywood did for opening day of The Steel Curtain. I think it is smart to only have a certain number of people in the store at a time but only if the people outside actually social distance. People are so anxious to get their [...]

Self Quarantine Self Love Techniques

  TOP 9 SELF LOVE QUARANTINE TECHNIQUES TO STAY SANE   I know that being in isolation can sometimes be really lonely and so I thought I would offer some ways to enhance this time of quarantine. The following is a list of 9 ways to show yourself love through this time and actually make the most out of your time during this lock down. [...]

Get Bendy Baby

There’s no time better than now to get bendy! During this time of national pandemic we have been diligently washing our hands, disinfecting our amazon packages, waiting for toilette paper to come back in stock and cleaning our houses to protect ourselves from an enemy we cant see. At some point over the last few weeks im sure you have thought of how to improve [...]

New Year, New Me

Health goals make up about 85% of people’s new year resolutions.  There’s a trend I’ve noticed throughout the year.  In December, make poor food choices and partake in libations because the holidays are stressful plus its cold out. Go hard for a few weeks in January, then around mid February completely fall off the train and give up on your goals.    I have a [...]