There’s no time better than now to get bendy!

During this time of national pandemic we have been diligently washing our hands, disinfecting our amazon packages, waiting for toilette paper to come back in stock and cleaning our houses to protect ourselves from an enemy we cant see. At some point over the last few weeks im sure you have thought of how to improve your immune system function. Obviously the way you fuel your body will largely impact your immune system. Adding a few new herbs to your diet will help build up your defenses as well, but how you manage your stress will also impact the immune system. Stress hormones can suppress the amount of lymphocytes being made. This will lower your ability to fight off intruders to your body, and reduce inflammation.

To improve our immune system we need our body to be in homeostasis. Yoga just happens to be an excellent practice for keeping the body in harmony with itself. Yoga reduces stress throughout the body, which will reduce inflammation overall. If your body isnt fighting off inflammation then your immune system can work harder on possible intruders to the system.

When practicing yoga make sure to really focus on your breath through the pose. This might be the most important part of the pose. In my research for the best poses to reduce stress and inflammation I found so many articles with evidence supporting a huge variety of poses. The common variable between the articles was to really focus on the breathing technique. So my theory is to try a few different routines that suit your individual talent level. I like to use youtube to follow along with a few different people. Im sure with social distancing and the advances in technology we could easily join in a zoom or video chat platform for a class. Another little tip is to change up what time of day to practice and see what benefits your lifestyle the most.