It’s the start of a new week, warmer weather is around the corner and surely, brighter days must be ahead of us in more ways than one. With a bit of hope and extra disinfecting, COVID-19 should decline in its path of destruction and people will be eager to partake in all the freedoms we had previously taken for granted.

However, while we wait for the storm to pass, most of us are getting a little stir crazy and trying our best not to eat our feelings. With social distancing causing gyms to close, many people are wondering how to practice their fitness from home. Since we have nothing but time on our hands, there’s no excuse to not work on our best bodies yet!

Working out from home doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. I’ve constructed a quick (but thorough!) guide on how to get the most from your home workouts. My guide will be posted as a fitness series over the next several days.

Today, you’ll get all my inside tips for how to set up your new home gym (including some creative tools to use in place of weights) so you’ll be ready for my 4-day workout regimen beginning tomorrow!

The first thing I did when I heard gyms were closing was clear out a space in my basement for a home gym.  I even put an extra TV there so I can Netflix and gym, which makes my time even more enjoyable. In my ‘gym,’ I have an ottoman which serves as a weight bench, an $80 self-propelled treadmill from Amazon, a chair, a weighted vest, a stability ball, a few dumbbells, and resistance bands. I also attached hooks to my ceiling for a bar to do pull ups and to hang the resistant bands on.

If you don’t have access to extra space like this, you can always use a room in your home – all you need is a chair and enough floor space to comfortably move around. A television never hurts, either!

A good alternative to dumbbells are canned goods, frozen water bottles, water jugs, or books. You can fill empty water bottles with sand too. If you don’t have a treadmill you can improvise cardio with jumping rope, jumping jacks, walking and jogging in place, body squats, walking lunges, and side shuffles.

To avoid boredom, use a timer and alternate all these exercises every 30 to 90 seconds.

Consider ordering other equipment that can be purchased for very cheap online. I received my resistance bands and stability balls from Amazon in just two days, even with a pandemic going on. My weighted vest came from Amazon as well, and the weights inside it are removable making them a great alternative to dumbbells.

The point is: get creative! Observe what you have around the house that can easily (and safely) be re-utilized as gym equipment. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to work. Bring all your new equipment into the same area, make sure you have some water on hand, and join me while I Focus on Fitness with my Fitness from Home workouts!

– Ginger @Chief_Squat_Low