Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic the majority of our Pittsburgh restaurants are open one minute and closed the next, romantic dinner dates and nights out, in the city and on the scene are extremely hard to come by. First dates are rescheduling, couples are cancelling, tensions are high, restaurants are barely seating at 25% and it’s all due to the horrid curse of COVID 19.

However, love and romance shall not be placed on hold. If you can’t dine out then you must dine in. Time to spark up a little late-night romance. There is a subtle sexiness when it comes to home cooking, wine drinking, and snuggling up in the coziness of your own home. The good news is you can get dolled up or wear your sexiest PJS to this date night of dining in. So, let’s begin by slipping into something a little more comfortable, slid on your sexiest pair of high heels or even fuzzy slippers and follow along for the best in-home dinner dating strategies brought to you by The City Scenes local foodie date night specialist Miss Abagail O’Connell. Sharpen your pencil, class is about to start.

Cooking sexiness 101 means that cooking together can be a very sensual and very sexy experience, especially when you use the right food to ignite some passion into the meal. Start your night off with some erotic sensual cheese tasting sexiness that may or may not just include blindfolds and handcuffs.

An assortment of cheese may not sound all that sexy, but by taking control and placing food sexiness directly into your partners mouth you can ignite a slight erotic appeal into your late-night fantasies.

For the main course, you must at all times stick with your natural aphrodisiacs like oysters, saffron, asparagus, or a little dish of some chili pepper spiciness. Trying to keep your hands off each other at this point may not be an easy task, but let us not forget to save room for the real main course – dessert. Chocolate and strawberries and a dollop of suggestive whipped cream will lead to a little tasting and nibbling that will cause you to lose all your inhibitions.

While flavorsome sensual food is always a hit, pairing it perfectly with the correct wine or bottle of bubbly can always raise the stakes. Red wine is absolutely the right choice when setting the mood. A good Merlot or Pinot Noir are known to ignite a fire within. Trying to change your red wine selection up a bit? Try a Syrah for a fruitier aroma that is known for its tannic and bold flavors. Not interested in a red? Summer heat can always be cured with a glass of white or bubbly. Pour a flute of Rosé or Extra Brut Sparkling to celebrate date night at home. Looking for a dessert wine before the real dessert starts? Cheers to a lovely Sweet Frizzante, a mixture of Moscato and Brachetto D’Acqui.

Light the fire for a loving and sexy evening with your significant other. Don’t forget to nibble and remember that while COVID has halted many things, romance does not have to be one of them!

Love is made – in the kitchen.