This bartender shakes us up and creates a stir. Say hello to Gina Saxon, our April 2019 mixologist of the month.
In a town known as Oakmont, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, we visited a self described, chop house, drinkery and cigar bar named The Lot, where mixologist Gina Saxon gives us the low down on the proper way to prepare her signature cocktail, the Old Fashioned Two ounces of bourbon, bitters, and Demerara sugar, topped off with a refreshing orange peel.
Gina tells us “Sometimes in life, it just takes good bourbon and good cigars to have a good time.”
While stirring a bourbon with one hand and lighting a gentleman’s cigar with the other, we find that this type of mystique can be found in one of two places, an old James Bond movie, or The Lot in Oakmont.