It’s off to the races with the Kentucky Derby and off to the races with a Peach Mint Julep prepared perfectly by stunning mixologist Miss Lauren Kight.

When Lauren is not mixing up cocktails and muddling the mint for her signature Peach Mint Julep she is hitting every country concert in town, rocking the night away in cowboy boots and daisy dukes.

Say no more, we are already head over “heels” or head over boots for this amazing mixologist. When the night is over Lauren returns home to her beloved pooch a Corgi named DIO but pronounced (deeeeooooo) every night by at least sunrise she tells us.

This sexy, sassy, bratty, bartender can be found nightly mixing, shaking, stirring and muddling the mint, on the outskirts of the city at Monroeville’s Anthonys Pizzeria. Where pizza is “done well.”