Is Governor Tom Wolf a sheep in wolf’s clothing? Well, let’s cleanse our palates of the boloney we have been forced to swallow and get a freshened up look at the big picture. Real talk. Pennsylvania launched a new step this week attempting to help restaurant owners and restaurant employees stay alive while continuing the fight against the pesky COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus could [...]

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Spirits on the Fly

  Who else is sick of trying to create their own “bar-like” cocktail at home? I know I certainly am over muddling mint and putting salt around my own glass rims. Well, we are in luck because we are going to start seeing some spirits flying by in Pittsburgh, and no it will not be the ghostly kind. Pennsylvania bars and restaurants are officially approved [...]

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Foxy AF

Pittsburgh is an amazing city with so many things to experience, including a robust and diverse nightlife. For one of the best bar and lounges on the scene, you can’t beat Foxtail on the south side of the city. This expansive space manages to simultaneously combine the upbeat energy of a dance club with the laid-back bar vibe that’s perfect for a night with friends [...]

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Bridges and Bourbon

Bridges and Bourbon is definitely an amazing experience. One of our favorite new venues to land in Pittsburgh, it is highly suggestive of the classy lounges that line of the streets of New York City. Placing an emphasize on a fun environment, small plates, and unique cocktails, Pittsburgh continues to shine in the restaurant and nightlife scene. Each of their drinks is very unique, the [...]

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Eat, Drink, and Smoke, at Blend The Cigar Bar

The Koppers Building is a landmark located in downtown Pittsburgh. The building exterior, constructed of Indiana Limestone on a polished granite base serves as a reminder of an extravagant industrial era long since gone. The interior of the building continues a tone that conjures images of smoky backroom board meetings and the echoing voices of Pittsburgh’s rich industrial past. Granted the building was completed [...]

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J. Gough’s Tavern is the Corner Bar

It’s called by many names. To some it is the local water hole, to others it’s the corner bar. Call it what you will, it is the place to call home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or to nurse a bruised hangover the morning after. Its personal and as familiar to you as your own kitchen. It is the place where, as the adage [...]

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