For most Pittsburghers, the name “Natalie Shugars” rings a bell. Maybe you know her from her hit online show “N’at Around Town,” her award-winning Steelers fight song “I Love Black n’ Gold,” on TV in various commercials, or gracing the Pittsburgh Dental Spa billboard on the Parkway West. Surpassing a “triple-threat,” Natalie Shugars truly does it all. But beyond her countless projects and appearances, her real passion lies in music and performing.

Beginning her music career at the young age of 17, Natalie spent over a decade touring the world. She performed from the stages of Vegas to The House of Blues, where she filled the spotlight as the lead vocalist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In the Carolinas, Natalie made a splash in the modeling industry. She appeared in three issues of Maxim Magazine and was signed by a top agency where she modeled for companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods. On a photoshoot in Atlanta Georgia, Natalie met a record producer who signed her to her first recording contract, where she began writing and spending countless hours in the studio.

“There is no denying I loved the music I worked on and the people I grew to know well during that time,” explains Natalie, “But I could feel in my heart that the genre I was being marketed for didn’t match my calling. I trusted my gut and decided to take some time and think about what I truly wanted for myself, and I came home to Pittsburgh.”

She came home to the ‘Burgh and hit the ground running, quickly becoming “Pittsburgh’s Black and Gold Girl”. In 2008, Natalie was the first female to write and record a Steelers fight song, “I Love Black ‘n’ Gold”. She performed the song at Heinz Field for the AFC Championship game, and the song won Fight Song Of The Year through ESPN Radio. Years later, the Steelers organization and Rooney family asked Natalie to rewrite the award-winning song, and be a featured performer at Rock Steelers Style fashion show to honor the late Dan Rooney. Natalie soon became one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest, and was named a local legend of her hometown, Latrobe, in the book “Legendary Locals of Latrobe.”

Smokin’ Hot Summer

With several prestigious accolades under her belt, believe it or not, the best is truly yet to come for Natalie. She couldn’t be more thrilled to be entering into the most exciting phase of her career yet; preparing to release her debut album, Veni Vidi Vici. Her most vulnerable, passion-backed project to date, the album will touch on different genres from pop, rock, ballads to club hits, and showcases Natalie’s talents in a unique, impactful form of music.

“I want this album to reflect my personality, my energy, my heart, my fearlessness, and strength,” explains Natalie. “I’m not a girl that can be put in a box (though many have tried), and my music shouldn’t be either.” Natalie chose to do this record solo with no label, ensuring she has no boundaries. “If I felt something, I wrote it and if I liked a beat that came my way, I recorded it,” she says.

That sense of creative freedom fueled everyone who worked on this project; bringing out the raw and real emotional journey through every track. “On one song, we would all be busting up and laughing, the next we were dancing in the studio and then the next had everyone crying,” says Natalie. She couldn’t be more excited to give people something to smile about, dance to, relate to, or mentally escape to. That is precisely why she does what she does; to bring out emotions in others and help them truly feel the music in whichever way they interpret it to be.

Her first single from the album, “Burn it Down” will be released on August 2, 2019. Sure to be a hot summer hit, this track will resonate with lovers of Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. The track also features Emmy-award winning rapper, FRZY, who’s played an integral part in the creation of this album.

Pittsburgh Roots Through and Through

In addition to the release of her first debut album, Natalie also has a first-of-its-kind Pittsburgh-based project up her sleeve. Natalie wrote, recorded, and produced the first-ever rock anthem of Pittsburgh, “Steel Proud”. Slated to be the rock n’ roll “We Are The World” of Pittsburgh, this song will unite the city like never before, encompassing every accolade we’ve ever achieved as a city. Featuring legendary Pittsburgh performers and icons; the song is set to be released in early fall.

A force that can’t be reckoned with, Natalie Shugars is just getting started. You can learn more about Natalie by following her on social media, or visiting her website,