Who else is sick of trying to create their own “bar-like” cocktail at home? I know I certainly am over muddling mint and putting salt around my own glass rims. Well, we are in luck because we are going to start seeing some spirits flying by in Pittsburgh, and no it will not be the ghostly kind. Pennsylvania bars and restaurants are officially approved to sell to-go cocktails according to the House Bill327, so those spirits will be in the form of margaritas, martinis, and long islands. Online ordering has made this easier than ever, plus restaurants and bars are being responsible by using sealed containers with caps on.

Here is a list of takeout cocktail from your local daytime and nighttime favorites. I never thought there would be a time where you can and actually “must” take your spirits on the fly.

  1. Hidden Harbor – Part of Independent Hospitality Group, this beachy bar has a lot to offer, especially during this time when everyone is in need of a little more alcohol. They are located in a quaint area in Squirrel Hill where they will now be providing to-go cocktails. For some of us, quarantine has seemed like a prolonged vacation, while for others it has appeared to be total chaos. The great part about Hidden Harbor is with each drink, they make you feel like you are on vacation. They will be serving up their Hidden Harbor Rum Barrel, a very tropical cocktail that will carry your worries away.
  2. Coughlins – While I am sad that we can’t enjoy tacos and margaritas on the patio at this lively place in Mount Washington, I can settle with a 16 oz frozen margarita to-go. Located on their cantina menu (T&T Cantina) is the first (of hopefully many) options for a frozen margarita. They are starting with their mango flavor which is a must have during the summer season. You can also stop at their walk up taco bar for some Mexican street food to go with that delicious drink. Who can resist a little tequila on a Friday night? I know I can’t!
  3. The Summit – The exciting news in general is that The Summit is opening back up for takeout right now. But wait, there is even more exciting news, they have five different cocktails on their to-go menu. I will certainly be getting a Leora (strawberry blackberry vodka, aperol, basil, and prosecco) this weekend to help me relax and enjoy the summer weather. They are also crafting up some Moscow Mules, Negronis, Old Fashions,and Cucumber Presses (cucumber vodka and lemon soda). Let the party begin! You can even order these at the takeout window or phone ahead. While you are enjoying a gorgeous view from Mount Washington, why not sip on something tasty from The Summit.
  4. Lorelei – These cocktails are definitely going to pack a punch so be ready! East Liberty is home to this stylish community cocktail bar. While they have been serving up some brews with their takeout food, they will now be allowing customers to order cocktails. The first fabulous drink they will be providing is called the Pandemic-Proof Alpine Punch. If that doesn’t put a smile on your person and make you chuckle a bit, I do not know what will. I am also very excited for their make-your-own Old Fashion kits, which allows for four drinks. During quarantine, I have been trying to broaden my horizons on the drink spectrum, and this is for sure going to do the trick.
  5. Smoke Sandwich Shop – Now this one has got me especially excited because of the extensive to-go cocktail list and the beautiful brisket sandwiches. This place was more recently put on my radar, and I am pleased that it was. The Lawrenceville restaurant is adapting to the times while still keeping everyone safe. They are serving up 32 oz cocktails, which would be roughly enough for 5 servings. Smoke has two different options of margaritas – house and spicy – along with three other cocktails – The Big Fizz (gin, elderflower, and grapefruit soda), Loretta (bouron, ginger, lavender, honey, and lemon), and The Jungle Bird (Maggie’s Farm pineapple rum, Campari, and lime). These are just in time for the long weekend ahead!