When it comes to achieving an athletic, powerful, and yet feminine physique, while remaining confident and healthy, women have an array of mental and physical obstacles to overcome. Say hello to Paige Michael, also known as Peanut Physique. A fitness coach, but more of a lifestyle coach with a focus on fitness.

In the female-focused fitness world, you will generally hear words like diet, carb deplete and calorie deficit, but rarely do we hear the words adding muscle, gaining confidence and putting “passion into perspective” which just happens to be Paige’s tagline for her very own passion, fitness coaching.

Paige tells us that her passion for helping women is achieved daily through her two full-time careers. As a nurse and a fitness coach, she can make a difference in the lives of women locally and worldwide.

With her online coaching platform PeanutPhysique.com, she puts her very own passion into perspective by not only increasing the health and fitness of her clients but by increasing their confidence which she tells us is the first step to creating a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.

Paige tells us that she does not strive for perfection, she strives for continuous improvement.

When it comes to her diet, she doesn’t believe in cheat days, she believes in what she refers to as “treat days” because everything in moderation provides balance, and enjoying food is not cheating yourself it’s treating yourself, Paige tells us with a big bright smile as she eyes up the dessert menu. She refrained from dessert, but we did not.

How does her business work, well, her digital fitness coaching platform consists of an initial assessment, nutritional guidelines, sample meal plans, a workout program to follow, and ongoing 24/7 email support where she says she stays with you all the way all while making the ongoing adjustments to your training and your nutrition over a 12-week transformation period.

What’s next for Paige Michael and her Peanut Physique brand, we asked, and she was more than happy to tell us about her next move as a digital entrepreneur. In the works is a new website with new company branding, more eBooks on the fitness lifestyle, and she is in the early stages of a Peanut Physique gym apparel clothing line. The big picture she tells us is increasing fitness awareness through her brand and building a total lifestyle company around the business that she founded based on her core belief of using her blessings in life to be a blessing to others.

Spending the day with Paige Michael, who we loving refer to as our little peanut was a pleasure. A female entrepreneur that has a passion to succeed in business that matches her passion for using that very business to benefit the lives of women every day. A girl, who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and has the intelligence, ambition, kindness, and class to compliment her stunning looks.

Peanut Physique, putting passion into perspective.


Visit her website at http://peanutphysique.com/