As a lifestyle and dating coach, Dina Brenci has often been referred to as “the female version of Hitch.” More than that, though, she is also an inspirational speaker, networking guru, yogini, and the host of The Sweet Life: a podcast on dating, healthy relationships, positive energy, mindfulness, and affirmation.

Upon meeting her, her energy is immediately contagious; she doesn’t shake hands – she hugs. Her spirit is kind, it is peaceful, it is loving. She truly “loves love,” and that is abundantly clear within the first few minutes of speaking to her.

Growing up in Los Angeles and being raised by two loving, hippie parents, Brenci credits her upbringing with instilling her desire to help others find lasting, true love. She earned a degree in zoology from Oregon State University, and with her love for animals her first career was working with wildlife.

Later, she became an ICF certified Life Coach and is now an ELI-MP energy leader index Master Practitioner. Brenci recently landed in Pittsburgh and is excited to use her skills to take your dating life to the next level!

Although she has only been in business 2 years, it is clear that this is her passion and calling in life. Brenci has already obtained clients all over America, as well as international clients – some as far away as London. She attributes her success to her innate ability to help people feel truly heard, to fulfill their goals, and find true love. She isn’t interested in helping people find “hook ups.” Her focus is on love. She says that sometimes her clients just feel stuck, and that she genuinely helps them find happiness.

Admitting that she does help clients make minor adjustments to their outlook, Dina stresses that she encourages people to be themselves. She also doesn’t focus much on their appearance, stating she is not an image consultant; she is a dating and lifestyle coach. In her words, “when you change the inside, the outside will follow.”

In order to benefit from her coaching service, there is an investment of $2400 – which includes 1 phone call per week and unlimited email and text support. You will receive 3 months of individualized coaching, rapid personal growth, and deeper insight into your dating life and energy levels. This personalized one-on-one coaching will elevate your learning and deliver rapid results.

Coaching sessions with Dina are delivered in 30-40-minute phone calls once per week for 3 months. You can use these calls as an opportunity to ask any questions and work through any thoughts that have been holding you back in achieving your dating goals. Dina provides a safe environment in which you can be vulnerable and get to the heart of what is really blocking you from meeting and attracting your life partner.

Brenci also provides a Date Without Dating Apps package, which teaches clients how to date app free in 6 weeks for an investment of only $997. Next on her agenda is adding public speaking seminars and workshops that include question and answer sessions, so that she can bring her expertise to even more people. You can check Dina out on Thursday February 20th at Nerd Night where she will speak on romance and sexuality. 242 51st street, Pittsburgh, PA. 15201.

For more information on how you can benefit from Brenci’s insight, follow her on Instagram @sweetdeens or check out her website at