Is Governor Tom Wolf a sheep in wolf’s clothing? Well, let’s cleanse our palates of the boloney we have been forced to swallow and get a freshened up look at the big picture. Real talk.

Pennsylvania launched a new step this week attempting to help restaurant owners and restaurant employees stay alive while continuing the fight against the pesky COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus could be compared to the spread of a blazing wildfire that is seemingly impossible to put out. Yet, what really seems to be getting extinguished is people’s livelihoods. Especially if you are in the nightlife industry, which our governor feels is non-essential. But what Governor Wolf fails to take into consideration is that if you own a nightclub or bar, or work in a nightclub or bar, your work is essential when it comes to certain activities like feeding your family.

Wolf has stated in the past, “If you’re a dive bar or a nightclub and all you do is serve drinks, that’s not going to work.”

Bars that are actually “bars” are only allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to guests who purchase food. Are we to believe that the consumption of alcohol without some form of food could spread COVID-19 in a more rapid fashion?

There is some good news, though: restaurant occupancy levels are being increased to 50% from 25%; however, there is some bad news: the consumption of alcohol must now cease at 10pm as opposed to the previous 11pm curfew. Are we to believe that COVID-19 spreads faster after 10pm than before 10pm?

The real question is: are we assisting China in destroying our own economy? President Trump places tariffs on China, so China places a plague on the world and the sheep in Governor Wolf’s clothing follows China’s lead.

The famous French military leader and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “There lies a sleeping giant – for when he wakes, he will shake the world.” This was, of course, in reference to China. Bonaparte made this statement in the 1800’s – approximately 200 years ago – and was able to see then what our current government is unable to see now: that this is war in the year 2020.

An “accidental” release of COVID-19 is not just a conspiracy theory. In 1977, a lab (that at the time was said to be in Russia), most likely while developing a vaccine for the flu “accidentally” released the H1N1 influenza virus. Like COVID-19, H1N1 went on to become a global pandemic virus.

China, the sleeping giant, has waged war on the world and killed 195,239 Americans in the process without ever firing a bullet.

Welcome to war in 2020.

In the movie The Godfather, Tom Hagan (portrayed by actor Robert Duvall) was removed from power because he was not a war time consigliere. This governor is not a war time governor. He is asleep while China is obviously awake. It’s time for him to kiss the ring and step down.

Approximately 6 months into the pandemic, entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry as well as the thousands of workers that make up the hospitality industry are still being held Prisoner of War by their own local government. Unfortunately, in the USA this pandemic has become political ammo to complete an agenda – at the expense of sinking an economy and ruining people’s lifelong labors. The cure is becoming more lethal than the disease.

The fact is, many entrepreneurs – especially restauranteurs – have closed their doors and will never reopen them. Nightclub owners are on the verge of bankruptcy, real estate investment trusts have gone months without a rent payment, and the hotel industry is collapsing.

If the economy is not put back into action very soon this country will see an economic crash that it may never recover from.

Pittsburgh is the city of champions; that needs to extend past football, hockey, and baseball. Champions reach back and help others. Now more than ever we need to support local business owners. Without entrepreneurs there would be no businesses, no jobs, no economy. Always remember that tough times don’t last but tough people do. At the risk of sounding cliché, we really are all in this together. Pittsburgh Strong – USA Strong – World Strong – Common Sense Strong.

Do not let the Wolf lead you to slaughter. #commonsensematters