Culinary Closeup with Private Chef Frank

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Over the past two and a half years, the Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry, increasing demand for personal and private chefs across the globe.

Would-be restaurant goers are starting to seek out more personalized experiences when it comes to their cuisine choices, as well as trending away from traditional catering options for their events.

Right here in Pittsburgh, we are lucky to have a personal chef who could find himself at home in any fine dining establishment worldwide. Instead, private chef Frank Tokach creates culinary masterpieces right in the comfort of your home.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Chef Frank found his business niche in cooking, but to say that he had sauce running through his blood would be an understatement. His grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather were all executive chefs in restaurants in Italy. However, he tells us it was his grandmother who really drove his passion for serving delectable cuisine, and that he possibly learned more in her kitchen than during his time in culinary school – where he graduated top 3 in his class. “My grandma was always cooking for the whole family. It was her way of showing love and that emotion really came through in the meals she served us. My best memories are of helping her cook and learning from her.”
After completing his externship at Caesar’s Palace in Lake Tahoe, he returned to Pittsburgh, starting out as a line cook at Pittsburgh Rare –  a steak house which was located inside the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square. After several months of hard work, determination, and a remarkable display of ability, he was promoted to his first executive chef position.

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Since then, he has achieved that same role (as well as food and beverage director) for country clubs and restaurants throughout the area. And if that wasn’t an impressive enough resume, Tokach has even created dishes featured in Food and Wine Magazine.

With over 20 years of experience as an executive chef inside and outside of professional kitchens, Tokach says that it’s the personal connection he experiences through his private chef service that he values the most.

It is clear he has a true love for cooking, and isn’t shy to tell us that love is oftentimes found in the kitchen. He points out that couple’s cooking classes have become a popular offering for private chefs across the country – especially around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. “Couples of all ages and cooking levels enjoy my classes. It’s something you can create and enjoy together. When you’re working and learning together, that’s when the sparks fly.”

Tokach’s approach to his personal cooking services is client-centered. He works with each person to create fully custom menus, sourcing only authentic ingredients  and the freshest seafoods, meats, and produce available. And on top of  that, he does all the shopping and cleanup – so you truly don’t have to lift a finger.

Chef Frank’s sensational dishes may be the star of the show, but his warm demeanor, outgoing personality, kind smile, and contagious laugh will make you feel like you’re right at home (and with him, you may very well be). Whether you’re looking to increase that soulmate connection through cooking classes with your partner or hosting a private event in your home, look no further than private chef Frank Tokach.

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Private Chef Frank Tokach is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association.
To book in-home chef services, an event, or classes, you can visit
PRIVATECHEFFRANKT.COM or call 412-722-3632.


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