A handful of times each week I hear, “I just woke up one day and everything looked different. When did I start looking so OLD?!”

Aesthetically, there are a number of changes we can predict—bone structure will change, leaving a less robust framework for the soft tissues of the skin to rely upon. That smooth, soft skin of your youth may be looking weathered by the stresses you endure each day; lines from stress and smiles might grace the curves of your cheeks and jawline. The contours of your cheeks may look a little less wholesome and a bit flat. When you envision these changes, you may be associating that feeling with the first chilly day of autumn, with winds beginning to pick up—all signs of a very long, cold winter ahead.

Everybody has an opinion associated with aging gracefully. Over the years I’ve enjoyed hearing a wide range of hypotheses for maintaining internal peace, people tug-of-warring between “natural aging” and “naturally-enhanced aging.” It always comes down to one thing: the result of improved confidence. What makes you feel the most comfortable in your skin? A step further, many of the folks I’ve had the pleasure of treating over the last 14+ years are in an entirely different phase of life than when we first began working together. I’ve watched young women become mothers, mothers-of-the-bride become grandmothers (many times over), and millions of strands of hair fade to gray.

While we’re evolving, so is the beauty industry. Once hailed as a luxury experience, aesthetic enhancement is now the norm for many women over thirty. With both men and women now feeling empowered to intervene with respect to the progression of their age and health, it’s imperative that they research the industry, as well as the options available to them.

We love providing incredible products and treatments backed by immense amounts of research, and both internal and external vetting for safety, efficacy, and quality of outcomes.This has allowed us to grow organically, primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. 

The potential for change is limitless, and the industry provides a dizzying array of options. My advice to you: find a provider who checks all of your boxes. Take inventory of who they are, what they have done, and what they can offer you specifically. Your best friend may be better suited by another provider, and that’s okay. You should never feel as though you’re standing in a fast-food line staring up at a menu, trying to make the decision between value meals. Options are wonderful — they’re what allows us to treat an array of patients successfully. For you, the menu will be narrowed to offer what will make you the happiest. We are so grateful to witness pure joy in the eyes of our patients, when they feel they’ve been truly cared for, educated, and sent off into the world as the most confident version of themselves.

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