Benefits in the Bedroom

Could intimacy have a positive impact beyond pleasure? The answer is YES!

Time between the sheets could have lasting effects on the body and brain, reminding you of how important these activities truly are.

Besides the obvious, what benefits do we humans derive from sex? Here are a few points that might inspire you to spend a little more time testing out the mattress.

Sleep: Orgasms cause your body to release a hormone called Oxytocin (also known as the “love” hormone), that, when combined with endorphins, can cause a sedation effect, according to the National Institutes of Health.  We all know the importance of shut eye; why not aid the process if we can?
Headaches: Stubborn pain got you bogged down? Data has shown that sex during a

cluster headache or migraine can partially or completely reduce symptoms. According to a study published by the International Headache Society, contrary to

typical physical activity that can worsen headaches, researchers believe that a different

stimulation of the central nervous system helps relieve the pain. Bonus: the study showed that the type of intercourse didn’t matter!

Mental Health: A Swedish paper demonstrates that higher frequency of sexual activity is correlated with a more positive mental health outlook.  If you’re feeling the winter blues this season, make sure you aren’t lacking in the self-care department – including personal intimacy! Just remember, with any partner it’s always cool to protect yourself.

Cognitive Function: Have you heard that sex makes you smarter? Extensive research has shown that BOTH imagined and physical stimulation activates various (almost all) regions of the brain. According to research at Rutger’s University, this effect happens leading up to, during, and even post-orgasm!  This really gives an entirely new definition to the term “brain teaser” and in our opinion, sure beats a crossword puzzle.

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