Best of the Burgh: 4 Boutiques We Love

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Pittsburgh has no shortage of great places to shop. We’ve gathered four of our favorites for you to check out this holiday season as you check off everyone on your list.

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Offering clothing and accessories as well as  home and beauty products, this storefront in McCandless Crossing is a local gem.

Growing up in Israel in the 70’s, Rue Boutique founder Ayellet Rubinstein learned first-hand from her parents what it means to have strong work ethic. As a fashion lover, she babysat and worked every summer so she could buy those coveted “must haves” on her list.

Rubinstein got her first taste of the fashion industry working as a store manager in a boutique in Tel -Aviv. Running a small business and attending to customers came naturally to her and she did it with great joy. In 1990, she moved to Pittsburgh to join a family business.

After 25 years of building a different retail destination, she aspired to branch out on her own and create a fresh new concept in retail as she knew it. Inspired by a trip to Paris, her lifestyle boutique opened its doors in November 2016 as Rue Boutique and encourages cutomers to cherish the old – and embrace the new. With gorgeous, high-quality apparel and jewelry, plus unique home decor and furniture not found anywhere else, customers are sure to fall in love with this one-of-a-kind shopping destination.

Shop Rue Boutique 7 days a week at 730 Providence Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or online at Follow @rueboutiqueshop

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A clothing destination for the effortlessly feminine woman located in Pittsburgh’s popular Lawrenceville neighborhood.

Located in the heart of Lawrenceville on Butler Street, No. 14 Boutique was founded in 2014 by Wexford native Brianne Conley and her mother, Michelle. Taking a leap of faith to purchase and renovate the space has certainly paid off for the pair. Celebrating eight years in business, No. 14 has become a staple in the Lawrenceville community, drawing in customers from all over the city and beyond. The modern and upscale interior perfectly showcases their classic, effortlessly chic clothing and accessories – while the friendly staff is always just a step away to assist your every need.

Shoppers will never get bored entering the boutique, as new pieces are added every day and the entire floor is turned over weekly – enabling you to find something you love every time you visit. You can keep up with their always-updated inventory via their perfectly-currated Instagram feed @no14boutique

Stop by No. 14  Boutique Tuesdays – Sundays at 4601 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 or online at

[/et_pb_blurb][et_pb_blurb title=”Opal Rose Boutique” image=”” _builder_version=”4.19.2″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”]

A unique combination of boutique, spa, and salon all under one roof in Canonsburg.

After purchasing Opal Rose in 2020, owner Rachel Bunta reimagined and restyled the boutique for modern women, mixing casual American-made brands with unique finds from markets all over the United States. Wearing all the hats at her business, Bunta offers every customer personal service and attention. “My customers come first, and you’ll often find me available on social media to tell you how a new item fits or to answer questions or hold requests. See something you like online? Just let me know and I’ll hold it for up to 5 days, so you can come in and try it on.”

Opal Rose doesn’t just offer the latest in fashion; it also features a salon and spa for customers to truly pamper themselves. “My previous career in the pharmaceutical industry drives my interest in medical spa services. We offer the HydraFacial, one of the most effective and customizable anti-aging facial skin treatments available. Paired with the Celluma LED Light Therapy, aging, acne, and even pain can all be addressed during your visit.”

Stop by Opal Rose Tuesdays – Saturdays at 4067 Washington Road, Canonsburg, PA 15317. To book spa services, call 724-969-6943 or visit
Follow @opalrosemcmurray

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Luna Selene is an atelier of handcrafted footwear invoking the everyday elegance and timelessness of femininity.

Founder and designer Shannon Slack spent over a decade in the corporate world, struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes that were timeless and would hold up while she marched around the office all day. As a result, Luna Selene was born.

Slack’s vision for the shoe label was timeless femininity made to empower. Luna Selene, atelier of high-elegance shoes, was inspired by a woman’s daily life – from the boardroom to the red carpet – and the many places she will travel. With the belief women are unstoppable, Shannon handcrafted the perfect shoe that urges women and all fashionistas to dream big and never slow down; your shoes should keep up with your drive and determination.

Proudly designed in Pittsburgh with love, Luna Selene shoes are brought to life in the city of steel. With pride in their roots, Luna Selene embeds a little bit of the city into each shoe while being celebrated on runways worldwide. Slack’s first New York Fashion Week show was a tremendous success attracting the likes of New York City influencers, socialites, and media. What’s next? The designer is already brewing ideas for her clothing line while maintaining the ethically-sourced, hand-crafted credibility shoppers have known and loved.

Visit Luna Selene’s online boutique at and step into the world of handcrafted elegance. Follow @lunaseleneatelier


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