Bite of the Month January 2023: Pusadee’s Garden

Image: Janine Essey

On the far end of Lawrenceville, enter a magical Thai restaurant that has been transformed  into a chic, glass-enclosed space complete with a breathtaking outdoor garden in the center of the space, available for dining during nice weather. From your first steps inside, you are transported into what feels like a a secret oasis. The ambience is upscale but relaxed, and dim lighting and light music paired with spacious seating make for an intimate and serene atmosphere.

The star of the menu (an honor that speaks volumes on a menu as immaculate as Pusadee’s) is unequivocally the Khao Soi Short Rib.

Mouthwatering short rib falls off the bone onto perfectly cooked egg noodles, tossed in yellow curry and accompanied by pickled mustard greens. The intricate flavors of this layered dish do not compete, but rather blend exceptionally to provide a slightly sweet taste to this savory masterpiece.

In order to expereince this culinary treasure, be prepared to make reservations at least several weeks in advance, especially during winter months. Outdoor seating in the garden is closed on cold or rainy days, thereby limiting seating. And since it can be exceptionally hard to predict Pittsburgh weather, Pusadee’s Garden accepts reservations for indoor dining only – even in warmer months. If you’d like the best shot at a coveted garden table, simply add a note to your reservation asking for a spot outdoors if weather permits. And if you absolutely can’t wait on reservations in order to enjoy a meal at Pusadee’s, we suggest heading to Lawrenceville on a warm, clear weekday night. There may be a wait – but it will undoubtedly be worth it.

5319 Butler Street, Pittsburgh 15201

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