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Pittsburgh serves up delicious boards this winter.
Winter holidays are synonymous with parties: family gatherings, celebrations with friends, and happy hours with coworkers get us in the spirit of the season. But with these parties usually comes an excess of heavy foods. From casseroles to pies, it’s easy to overindulge on delectable treats (after all, New Year’s resolutions are next month’s problem).  If you’re looking for something lighter to offer your guests, we have a simple, satisfying solution. Nothing says party like an amazing, cheerful charcuterie board. Enjoy the holiday season with these eight local spots.

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The Cheese Queen reigns over luxury charcuterie boxes, boards, tables, and classes. You can order online or stop by her new storefront this season to pick up exactly what you need for your party. Her tables are incredibly gorgeous and will certainly have your guests in awe. 156 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 |

Chantal’s Cheese Shop on Penn Avenue offers some of the freshest cheese you will eat in this lifetime. Not only will this married duo create charcuterie boards for your next event or party, but they also love to help you pick out various kinds of cheese and specialty items for you to play around with on your own board. You will be thankful you stopped in!
4402 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 |

The Abbey not only has a very unique space to host your holiday party, but they also have the perfect menu for it. Cheeses, boards, and wines are the perfect combination to celebrate with some cheer and conversation among friends.
4635 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201  |

The PA Market has an assortment of lovely boards for you to choose from. This European-style market is right in the heart of the Strip District. Offering both small and large board sizes, as well as holiday wine totes and monthly classes,  there’s something to please everyone on your list! 108 19th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 |

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Salty Pork Bits knows what they’re doing when it comes to cured meats. They have been killing it in the Steel City ever since they began in Morcilla and Chef Justin Severino has been making charcuterie for almost 20 years. You can get individual packs for guests or order an ultimate charcuterie board that will take your party to new heights.
3519 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 |

Mediterra Cafe has the aesthetic that every party-thrower wants to capture. They perfectly curate their charcuterie boards and add adorable touches to each one. When you get a board from them, you know it will have an array of worldly cheeses and hard-to-find meats. You can also grab a loaf of their breathtaking bread to add to your board. 292 Beverly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 |

Nosh and Curd offers customized boards and gorgeous grazing tables. They also do catering and team-building charcuterie-making classes – perfect for bringing joy to everyone in the office. Their unique combinations of cheeses and meats make for an unforgettable flavor experience. 113 Grand Ave, Mars, PA 16046 |

Mezzo, located on the second floor of Sienna Mercato, has a delightful Italian vibe. This spot is perfect if you’re looking to gather with a few friends and enjoy good wine, small plates, and stunning charcuterie boards before admiring the Christmas lights downtown. 942 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 |


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