Charmingly located just beyond Pittsburgh, in Canonsburg, Nate’s Chop House is under the masterful culinary direction of Chef Jeff Maag. 

Nate’s Chop House isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary adventure, one that’s been capturing the hearts of food lovers since it first opened its doors back in June 2023. Chef Maag, the mastermind behind this delightful casual fine dining spot, brings 26 years of kitchen wizardry to the table, making every dish a testament to his lifelong passion for great food.

Chef Maag’s journey in the culinary world started in a pretty humble way – washing dishes at a steakhouse in his hometown of Greeley, Colorado. Those early days, though simple, set the stage for his future in the world of fine dining.

Over eight years, Chef Maag went from scrubbing pots to perfecting the art of butchery and steak prep, shaping his unique culinary style. Post-college, he serendiptiously found himself in Pittsburgh, diving headfirst into its bustling food scene. Regarding his cross-country journey, he jokes, ” I didn’t mean to land here, but I got a job at a restaurant and met a girl, and the rest is history.”  He honed his skills at places like P.F. Chang’s and Mitchell’s Fish Market, but it was his nine-year stint at Eddie Merlot’s, a top-notch steakhouse, that really brought him back to his roots and expanded his culinary vision.

In Pittsburgh, Chef Maag was right in the thick of the city’s food revolution. He saw the city’s food scene bloom, and he played a big part in its transformation, blending time-honored methods with bold, new ideas. “Being a part of that downtown scene at the same time the city was going through such a culinary transformation and watching everybody grow, watching a lot of friends grow with their restaurant groups, was really exciting for me. It felt like we were all a part of something really big.”

Nate’s Chop House is something special – a blend of relaxed vibes and upscale dining. Chef Maag, alongside General Manager Tiffany Ciesielski, has created a place that’s both welcoming and classy. The atmosphere is all about making everyone feel valued and included – it’s a place where fine dining meets a friendly smile.

“I knew when we started out here I didn’t want to recreate the same thing I had been doing before. I didn’t want to just copy another steakhouse in a different location. At Nate’s, we strive to give our customers something different that they can’t get anywhere else,”

says Maag.

The menu at Nate’s is a showcase of Chef Maag’s creative flair. You’ve got standout dishes like the house filet mignon with bordelaise and goat cheese, or the miso and ale-marinated Chilean sea bass with a secret Szechuan sauce. And for those with special dietary needs, there are many optons from which to choose, including the stir fry calamari – a crowd-pleasing, gluten-free option made with a cornstarch base. Chef Maag keeps things fresh and exciting, always adding new creations, like his new side dish, a mouth-watering caprese pasta. With a light tomato sauce, pan seared roasted tomatoes, garganelli pasta, and finished with fresh basil and fresh burrata, it’s a dish that can’t be missed. 

But it’s not just about the food. For Chef Maag, inspiration comes from home – his wife Julie and their kids Alyssa and Easton are his biggest fans and toughest critics. “My daughter is one of my biggest critics and when we first opened she didn’t like our mac and cheese. She said, ‘Dad this sauce is terrible.’ We hadn’t had a single complaint from a patron, but you should always listen to a child about mac and cheese, so we reworked the whole thing.” The family spirit extends to the whole team at Nate’s, where guests are treated like part of the family as well. 

Looking to the future, the sky’s the limit for Nate’s Chop House. With a solid foundation built around a talented team, a commitment to excellence, and Chef Maag’s culinary genius, this place is set for some exciting times ahead.

Located at 1900 Main Street, Canonsburg, PA.

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