Coven Brewing

Coven Brewing is located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, and recently celebrated its one year anniversary, after moving into the space that formerly housed Roundabout Brewing. Owners Caiti Sullivan and Trevor Greer have been in the beer industry for many years. With their rich background and knowledge in beer, Coven Brewing is proof they are fully embracing their passion. From the delicious brews, slick can designs, and chic space drenched in lush plants, Coven is definitely among the top-notch quality breweries in Pittsburgh. Sullivan and Greer are also dedicated to ensure that Coven is a welcoming, equitable space for all beer drinkers.

The brewery’s outdoor and indoor vibe is calm, relaxing and intimate, in comparison to other breweries that attract large crowds and noise. On busier evenings like weekends, don’t be surprised if you don’t snag a seat right away. Overall, Coven’s space is perfect for small group outings, dates, or if you’re looking to enjoy a beer or two without interruption.

The outdoor area has benches and seating that can fit quite a few visitors where well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome. The indoor space has soft retro lighting complimented by minimalist, earthy-colored wall designs. Coven’s design choice and space really does make beer drinking all more inviting.

Coven has a good variety of beers to choose from, including New England style IPAs, saisons, pale ales, cream ales, stouts, and kettle sours. Not big on beer? Coven usually has spiked seltzer and wine options, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And for those who do not imbibe, non-alcoholic beverages offered as well including house-made sparkling teas.

When you visit a brewery, it’s important to know that beers on tap tend to switch fairly quickly depending on the batch size and how fast it’s consumed by your fellow beer-lovers. Be sure to follow Coven’s social media (@coven.brewing) or subscribe to their e-newsletter, so you’re updated on what’s current and what’s up next.

When I visited Coven, I tried a few beers that I felt really represented Coven’s beer palette. Each were so unique in flavor and good until the last drop.

Swanky: 6.8% IPA, brewed with Sabro and Falconer’s Flight hops.
This IPA is among Coven’s flagship beers, and considered their “house IPA.” Rest be assured- Swanky typically is on draft more often times than not. This brew is soft, smooth, and has super subtle notes of lime and coconut. (I may or may not have bought a 4-pack to go.)

Overneath: 8% Double IPA, brewed with Sultana, Bru-1, and El Dorado hops.
Double IPAs are definitely an acquired taste for many, since they tend to be hoppier, boozier, and robust in flavor. I was a little nervous trying this double IPA at first, but to my surprise, Overneath was super drinkable and smooth! The hops used were not super overpowering, and I truly enjoyed trying this one because you can definitely taste notes of pineapple and mango. Be careful though; the 8% does creep up on you – so be sure to have some food while enjoying this tasty brew.

Coven has the perfect set up outside for food trucks to park next to the entrance. Luckily when I visited, one of my favorite food trucks was there: Blue Sparrow.

Blue Sparrow is classified as homemade “global street food.” Owner and chef Luke Cypher takes various types of street foods from around the world and adapts them into his own masterpiece creations. From Korean BBQ wraps to Ramen burgers, this food truck will want you coming back for more! My personal favorite menu item from Blue Sparrow are the bimibap bowls. Think of a poke bowl, but with a ton of fermented veggies, rice, your choice of protein (chicken, steak, or tofu), and topped off with a “dippy” egg. While you satisfy your tastebuds with so many different flavors and spices in the bowl, you also get a super filling, healthy meal.For more information about Coven Brewing and to see their weekly food truck schedule, check out their Instagram @coven.brewing

4901 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Wednesday – Thursday 4pm- 10pm
Friday- 4pm- 11pm
Saturday- 1pm-10pm
Sunday 1pm -6pm

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