Culinary Closeup: Alla Famiglia

Filled with old-world Italian charm, exemplary service, and one of the most delectable menus we’ve ever seen, Alla Famiglia is the most romantic spot in town.

Alla Famiglia is a romantic Italian fine dining restaurant located in the heart of the Allentown community. This establishment has been serving up authentic Italian Cuisine for almost 20 years and has established itself as a beloved local institution. Upon entering Alla Famiglia, diners are greeted by the warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant, complete with white tablecloths and candlelit tables. The decor is classic and elegant, and includes upper and lower levels, a large bar, and a ballroom for special events.

The menu at Alla Famiglia is a celebration of traditional Italian cuisine, with a focus on fresh local  ingredients. Starters include classic dishes such as grilled eggplant with burrata and their famous meatball gigante – a mouthwatering, massive meatball stuffed with mozzarella in a sea of marinara. Entrees range from favorites like seafood diavola to filet mignon with seven types of presentation from which to choose. For a truly unforgettable meal, Alla Famiglia’s house specialty is the veal chop. The Milanese preparation is perfection on a plate; crumb coated and pan fried in clarified butter, it’s served with lemon, pignoli, and Indonesian blue lump crab. Paired with your choice of salad and pasta courses, this meal is rich, flavorful, and indulgent.

Alla Famiglia is more than just a restaurant – it’s a true dining experience. The warm and friendly service, combined with the delicious food and inviting atmosphere, make it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two or a special occasion with family and friends.

Owner and chef Jonathan Vlasic brought Alla Famiglia to life in 2005, having dreamed of being a chef since he was eight years old.  His mother was full-blooded Italian with family roots in the Lazio and Emilia Romagna regions. Chef Vlasic experienced the Italian-American dream first hand, learning hands-on from both his family and later in culinary school. He’s enjoyed growing the Alla Famiglia brand as well as the restaurant itself.  Starting with only 1 other cook, 2 servers and a dishwasher, he now employees almost 90 associates in 2 locations (their sister restaurant, Ristorante Arlecchino, is located in McMurray) and prides himself on giving a respectable vocation and career positions to others.

One of those associates is the accomplished and multi-talented Corporate Executive Chef Gary Klinefelter. Studying and working in locations from Pittsburgh to New York, California to the Virgin Islands, Chef Klinefelter brings experience and passion to every meal he cooks. When asked what inspires him in the kitchen, he says, ” I’ve always been inspired by creating amazing, memorable dining experiences for my guests. To feed people is such a magical feeling, especially when you have created such joy for those who are eating in your restaurant. It’s that magic of being a part of people’s special occasions and creating memories that has always driven me.”

Another star in Alla Famiglia’s kitchen is Executive Chef Mark McManus. Starting out as a dishwasher at 15 years old, Chef McManus has been with Alla Famiglia from the very beginning. His dedication to the craft is apparent in his approach. Inspired by the use of fresh, quality ingredients, he says he loves the challenge of creating new exciting dishes for guests to enjoy.

Not only does Alla Famiglia have some of the best food we’ve ever experienced in Pittsburgh, but they also boast a brilliant, first-rate bar program.

The bar staff at Alla Famiglia are knowledgeable, attentive, and always happy to make recommendations based on a customer’s preferences. They are well-versed in the art of mixology and are able to create a wide range of cocktails, from classic favorites to unique, house-special creations. Alla Famigila also has an extensive selection of wines and spirits.

One of the standout features of Alla Famiglia’s bar service is their use of fresh, high-quality ingredients. They infuse their cocktails with the vibrant flavors and aromas of fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. They also pay close attention to presentation, making sure each drink is beautifully garnished.

The bar staff also take the time to explain each drink’s ingredients and preparation method to customers, making the experience of ordering a cocktail at Alla Famiglia truly enjoyable.

Alla Famiglia is located at  804 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

For reservations, call (412) 488-1440 or book online at

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