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As we step into the month that celebrates love, we had the privilege of sitting down with Rachel Carlton, Megan Carlton, and Jillian Shearer, Pittsburgh’s esteemed advisors on matters of the heart, to delve into the timeless inquiry: What is it that women truly desire? Their answer: to delete their dating apps forever.

That’s precisely why these three remarkable women established Dating in Pittsburgh, a company dedicated to organizing singles events throughout the city. Their inaugural event took place in January at The Standard, a spacious and relaxed venue boasting an espresso bar and cafe, as well as a cocktail area equipped with self-serve taps.Their next event happens on February 9th from 7-9 pm at Coop de Ville, located in the heart of the strip district. 

It’s no secret that the singles scene can be overwhelming these days. With endless dating apps and constant swiping, finding the right connection can be daunting. And let’s be honest, once you find someone you’re interested in, that first date can often feel like a nerve-wracking, high-pressure interview. But here’s the good news: every Dating in Pittsburgh event is designed to be a low-pressure and enjoyable experience. Nothing formal, just organic connections and conversations.

Dating in Pittsburgh was created to provide a chance to connect with other singles in-person, in real-time. The events combine mingling with engaging activities and ice breakers, making it easier to connect with others in a relaxed setting. Sometimes, singles can feel anxious about attending a singles event, but Rachel assures us that there is practically no difference between going to a bar or any other venue in hopes of meeting someone. The one difference is at Dating in Pittsburgh singles events, everyone is there looking for genuine in-person connections. So, don’t be shy about attending a singles event – it’s just another avenue to potentially meet someone special. 

The lovely ladies admit that dating these days can be somewhat difficult for an array of reasons: advances in technology, dating apps, the isolation and lifestyle changes caused by COVID, and social media creating the illusion of perfection, which can cause singles to constantly look for what they believe is the next best thing with just the click of a button. 

Societal expectations and social norms are constantly evolving, and in that, it is essential to prioritize authenticity in your dating journey. Having self-awareness and confidence in your own identity is key before fully expressing yourself in a relationship, and what the founders of Dating in Pittsburgh are finding at their events is that often participants do have that self-awareness and confidence, and just havent had the opportunity to meet the right person yet.

Rachel loves connecting people and appreciates the authenticity these events foster. Her priority is offering a natural setting for individuals to be themselves. Environments like these provide a comfortable platform for people to connect with those who share similar interests, allowing for a more genuine assessment of compatibility in real-time.

True compatibility and connection transcend the superficial elements often portrayed in dating profiles. Engaging with someone in person offers invaluable insights into their personality and the mutual chemistry, which can’t be captured through online interactions alone.

Megan’s best advice is to just try! She recognizes that it can be a brave step to attend an event like this, but the more opportunities you put yourself out there in pursuit of a relationship, the higher the chance of finding the relationship that feels right for you. She is grateful for the bravery of the people who continue showing up, and is excited for the connections already forming!

While dating can seem daunting at times, it also can be a very enjoyable experience if we let it. Dating in Pittsburgh is trying to bring the joy back to dating, allowing people to have fun along the way. Building a genuine connection takes time and effort, but the rewards can be immeasurable. These events allow people to step out of their comfort zone, let their walls down, and have fun with other singles in hopes that natural connections could form.

One way Jillian plans to do that is by launching some activity-based events where people can connect around their specific interests. “While doing an activity, we naturally let our guard down and show pieces of ourselves that are harder to express when fumbling over a dinner date or something more formal,” she says. Keep an eye out for events like this coming soon! 

Dating in Pittsburgh is happy to help you make those connections on your journey to one of those happily ever after stories. 

So, get ready to make an amazing first impression and let the founders of Dating in Pittsburgh help you plan your last first date.

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