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Hi! My name is Amber Scott, and I am the answer to your design dilemmas. Bold statement? I know.

But, let me tell you why: I’m a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Make no mistake, though. I know it’s not the fancy piece of paper that makes me a great Interior Designer and Home Staging Specialist.

What sets me apart is my heart for my clients, my perseverance in each project that I am presented with and my overall passion for my career. I find no greater joy than designing spaces for my clients to flourish within. In fact, I chose the name “Meraki Home Concepts” because the word “Meraki” itself means to infuse love, soul, and creativity into one’s work. When designing my own story, and merging both my career and life, it became very important to me that the love, soul, and creativity that I feel inside be present and available on the outside for others to see, too. The rooms in our home have a different meaning to each one of us.  They tell our stories – and what better way to take on a project than to remove the stress and allow the value and support of the professional to create the vision of your dreams. Does your space lack in organization, beauty, and warmth? Is something “not quite right”? Or maybe nothing is right?

Are you looking for a guide to provide design solutions that make you happy every time you enter the room? I am here to lead you through the process. As an interior designer, I not only focus on the beauty of the space, but I really dive into getting to know you personally.  Details are what matter, so understanding your daily routine, your hobbies, favorite colors, and characteristics of those close to you help me create not only that beautiful space but a space that feels safe. I like to say I make homes “functional, emotionally safe, and beautiful”.

Here are some of the unique ways Meraki Home Concepts creates: I design with true passion and desire to help others feel safe in their space. I consider myself a down-to-earth designer and have fun with everything I do. I do not look at each project as a job, but a chance to get to know you – and what fuels your soul – on a deeper level.. I work within a “Judgement Free Zone”: trust, humility, and joy is how I operate my business.  I am not here to judge your current circumstances or situation but to help you through what can be hard decisions to make through the creative process of any design project.

I work with both homeowners and Realtors with design and home staging services. I truly believe that no matter the story you want to tell, I can help you to communicate it through the design. I look forward to working alongside you to make the interior of your home, designed or staged, come to life with love, soul, and creativity, the Meraki Home Concepts way!

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