End Your Summer with a Splash

Summer’s winding down, and what better way to end it with a splash at Sandcastle! Located right outside of the Waterfront, Sandcastle water park is the perfect place to cool off and have a blast. No matter your age, there’s something for everyone at this Pittsburgh hometown favorite.

With temperatures soaring, there’s never been a better time to throw on your swimsuit and spend some time in the water. Sandcastle has been waiting all summer for you to dive into its many attractions. With four pools, a lazy river, and an impressive sixteen water slides, you’re in for an unforgettable cooling-down experience.

Are you a thrill-seeker? Well, you’re in for a treat this 2023 season! The talk of the town is the newest attraction called the “Bombs Away.” It’s a heart-pounding 305-foot free-falling body slide. Picture yourself stepping into a clear capsule that offers a stunning view of the park. As the countdown reaches zero, the floor beneath you vanishes, and you plummet down six stories at a heart-racing speed of 26 feet per second. Whether the experience causes you to scream out in euphoric delight or freeze in breathless anticipation of reaching the bottom, it is sure to leave a lasting impression you won’t soon forget.

If you dare to take on this exhilarating slide, you might want to unwind at the Sandbar afterward for drinks and a little downtime. This spot by the mushroom pool not only offers a beautiful view of the river, but also your favorite frozen drinks, wine, and chilled beer.

Hungry after all the excitement? The Bridge Bar and Grill has you covered. Enjoy frozen margaritas, draft beers, and delicious tropical cocktails. Pair your drink with treats like shrimp tacos or loaded fries. If you’re in a hurry, check out the sunny boardwalk for quick bites like Auntie Anne’s pretzels, pizza, burgers, and the classic Pittsburgh delight: Potato Patch Fries. And don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with some Dippin’ Dots!

When you’re feeling full and ready to relax, grab an innertube and float down the quarter-mile-long lazy river. You’ll be carried away alongside the Monongahela River, enjoying the park’s best view. With single and double tubes, this attraction is a great way for your entire party to enjoy a little downtime and soak up the sun.

Sandcastle is also a great place for little ones. The Tad Pool, with its shallow depth and fun slides, is perfect for toddlers. Bigger kids can spend hours at Wet Willies Waterworks, located at the park’s far end. This shallow water playground features water slides, geysers, fountains, and sprayers and will entertain the kids for hours!

If you’d rather sunbathe than get your suit wet, find a spot at Mon Tsunami wave pool, where there are plenty of lounge chairs to choose from. This is an excellent spot to unwind, listen to the waves, and pretend you’re at the beach. Worried about sunburn? Large umbrellas are strategically placed by all the pools to keep you shaded.

If you’re ready for a splashing good time, grab your tickets at the door or consider a season pass for unlimited fun. Currently, if you purchase a 2024 season pass, you get the rest of 2023 for free! Make a splash before summer slips away.

Located at 1000 Sandcastle Drive, Homestead, Sandcastle is the ultimate way to bid farewell to the season!  sandcastlewaterpark.com

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