Escape the Winter Blues

Did you know that Pittsburgh experiences an average of 306 cloudy days per year? While we eagerly anticipate the arrival of those few longer and brighter days, it will undoubtedly be a little while before the persistent gray skies and cool chills make way for the much-needed warm summer sun. The good news is,  whether you want to  book a nonstop flight to somewhere warm and sunny or you’re staying local to ride out the last few weeks of winter, we’ve got you covered.

Stay Local

If staying local is more your speed, Pittsburgh has myriad options to stave off the restlessness of winter. Grab some friends and get ready for a city-side adventure.

Explore the Latest Museum Exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center: Immerse yourself in science and innovation with a visit to the Carnegie Science Center, where the latest limited-time exhibits, including “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” and “Mars: The Next Giant Leap,” await exploration. Whether you are captivated by interactive displays, fascinated by cutting-edge technology, or intrigued by groundbreaking discoveries, the museum always provides a stimulating and immersive experience that can be appreciated by visitors of all ages. The Carnegie Science Center is one of the best ways to temporarily escape the real world and be transported into otherworldly escapades. 

Engage in a Local Event: While winter might not be the peak event season in Pittsburgh, there is still a sprinkle of happenings to brighten up these colder months. In March, you will find a host of festivities going on to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, including a parade and tons of events at the local bars. And for sports enthusiasts, this is your reminder that winter sports are still going strong! Experience the heat of a Pittsburgh Penguins game as they wrap up another season of wins (we’ll not mention their losses). 

Cuddle With Kitties at a Local Cat Cafe: No need to doom scroll your social media feed in search of silly cat videos to boost your serotonin when you can be filming your own! Combat the winter blues in the company of adorable and entertaining furry friends at The Black Cat Market in South Side or The Cat Lounge on McKnight Road. Cat cafes, a recent trend in America, offer a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by playful feline companions from local shelters. Be sure to call ahead for reservations.

Get Some Artificial Sun with a Light Therapy Box: Light therapy is gaining popularity as a method to counter the effects of reduced sunlight exposure, and while there are several wellness spas in the area that offer this, you can also do it right from the comfort of your own home. This therapy can be achieved with a lightbox that you can order online. Involving exposure to artificial light that mimics natural sunlight, it is believed to have positive effects on mood and energy levels, offering a potential pick-me-up during those darker days.  

Try Your Hand At Indoor Golfing: Nothing signifies a summer day like a good ol’ fashion round of golf – but, of course winter in Pittsburgh is a massive hindrance to that kind of outdoor experience. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and indoor golfing has emerged to see us through! Virtual golf offers a fantastic alternative that allows you to momentarily forget you’re not actually out on the range. It’s a great way to bring the spirit of summer indoors and enjoy the game, even when the weather outside is not conducive to hitting the green. When it comes to choosing the perfect spot for indoor putting, you have several excellent options, including OnPar Now, Five Iron Golf, and Miller Mulligans, just to name a few of the top-rated local venues.

Go Hiking: It is well known that engaging in exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind, and to be honest, there’s a unique charm in hiking around the city even on cold days. In Pittsburgh, you have a plethora of fantastic trails to explore. A few of our favorites include the South Side Trail, leading to The Color Park, which offers a distinct experience, while the Three Rivers Heritage Trail provides exceptional views of the city skyline. Additionally, a hike through the historic Schenley Park will take you into parts of Oakland, Greenfield, and Squirrel Hill, showcasing the diverse beauty – and history – of the city.

Sample Pittsburgh’s Best Foods: When everything else seems to fall short, there are moments when all you need is a comforting treat. Explore our curated list of Pittsburgh’s favorite foods on page 32 to fill not only the void in your stomach but also in your heart.


For those of you looking for a little more adventure, Pittsburgh International Airport has  your back with expanded nonstop options to suit every travel desire. With 135 total nonstop destinations, there’s never been a better time to travel and Pittsburgh International Airport is where you want to fly from. 

The airport’s spring schedule includes a variety of destinations, catering to diverse traveler preferences. Flight searches for spring havens like Fort Myers, Washington D.C., and Fort Lauderdale, have surged over 80%. For international adventures, destinations like Punta Cana, Cancun, and London are now just a flight away.

Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines are instrumental in this spring travel buzz. Allegiant Air has resumed seasonal nonstop services to charming locales like Charleston, Jacksonville, Destin, Savannah, and more. Similarly, Spirit Airlines reinvigorates its seasonal service to Myrtle Beach with daily flights starting March 21, along with other favorite destinations offered year-round, like Miami, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Breeze Airways, Frontier Airlines, Southwest, and British Airways are also enhancing their offerings. From nonstop services to Raleigh/Durham, Hartford, and Los Angeles to international flights to Cancun and beyond, the choices are diverse. The resumed service to London Heathrow by British Airways, increasing to six times a week starting April 1, underscores Pittsburgh’s role as a key international travel hub.

The April 8 total solar eclipse (the first in the U.S. since 2017) is another major travel motivator this year. According to Expedia, this rare event is set to significantly boost air travel, making early April one of the busiest times for airports across the globe. For Pittsburghers, Erie serves as the closest city within the path of totality and it’s only a short drive away; however, if you’re looking to plan an out-of-state vacation around this astrological phenomenon, take note that cities within the eclipse’s path, such as Dallas and Austin, have seen a dramatic increase in flight searches, with numbers soaring over 95% and 90%, respectively, compared to last year. Now’s definitely the time to book if you’re interested in this rare event.

For travelers seeking an elevated experience at Pittsburgh International Airport, Club Pittsburgh in Concourse C offers a luxurious retreat. This exclusive lounge provides a serene environment with stunning airfield views, a variety of comfortable seating options, local artwork, and a private area for peace and quiet. Guests can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks for those over 21. The lounge also features workstations, televisions, flight information, and high-speed Wi-Fi. 

Guests can enjoy the lounge for a fee of $50 per person (children under 2 years old are free). This fee includes 3 hours of lounge access before your departure time. To book The Club for your next flight, visit

 With Pittsburgh International Airport’s expanded spring flight schedule and elevated experiences, escaping the winter blues has never been easier. Whether you’re chasing the solar eclipse or simply craving a change of scenery, these new nonstop flights offer a convenient and exciting way to kickstart your spring travels. So pack your bags, pick your destination, and get ready to embrace the joys of travel and the beauty of the world. No matter what sort of flight you’re thinking of booking, Pittsburgh International Airport can help you get where you want to go.

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