Hoppy Spring

Whether you’re born and raised in Pittsburgh or new to the city, you’ll quickly learn that more often times than not – Pittsburghers love to have a brew in their hand while enjoying many types of social activities.

Cream Ales
Contrary to the name, a cream ale does not contain any milk or lactose. This style of beer is an American-developed ale that was created a little over 100 years ago around Prohibition time. It has a similar taste to a lager, but what makes it stand out is that it has a rich flavor for a considerably light beer. For those who love lagers but want to branch out, a cream ale is for you! It’s light, smooth, and has a clean after taste and perfect for a spring afternoon spent outside!

A grisette is a low-alcohol percentage beer that falls under the farmhouse ale family. Farmhouse ales were created by Belgian farmers over two centuries ago, when they used their own grains to brew and enjoy a drink while they worked. Another popular farmhouse ale is the saison; however, while saisons and other Belgian beers tend to have a spicy, full-bodied taste, grisettes are slightly lighter, citrusy, and can be enjoyed all year round. Grisettes are perfect to sip on during patio season.

When you think of craft beer, IPAs usually come to mind. This English brew has become a craft beer staple across the United States in the past few decades. They’re very flavorful and tend to be higher in alcohol by volume. There’s also a few sub-styles of IPAs ranging from New England IPAs, West Coast IPAs, milkshake IPAs, hazy IPAs, and more! With so many types to choose from and a variety of hop and flavor to each, it’s no wonder why this style has become so popular.

Lagers are one of the world’s oldest beers. A German term meaning “storage,” lagers were oftentimes brewed and stored in cool caves hundreds of years ago to keep the beer temperature cold. Best enjoyed during warmer weather, lagers come in many types and styles and are brewed all around the world. In fact, there’s a lager brewed right  here in Pittsburgh which is considered the “official beer” and “holy water” of Pittsburghers: Iron City.

Another Belgian, classic beer: witbiers. Translating to “white beer,” witbiers are another old world classic, dating all the way back to the 1400s! Belgian monks originally brewed this beer in their monasteries from crops that they would grow. Witbiers are lighter in color, hence the term “white” in the name. These light, tart, and spicy beers are a perfect spring beer. They have a creamy, citrusy, smooth taste and not super boozy. Witbiers are best when chilled, and go well with picnic foods.

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