In the bustling neighborhood of Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, an exciting and unique dining destination, Lawrence Hall, stands out not only for its rich historical ambiance but also for the culinary innovation it houses. A modern conversion of a 19,000-square-foot space that once hummed with the life of a motion picture theater in the 1890s, Lawrence Hall now serves as a nexus for food lovers and culinary artists alike. With its preserved architectural elements, such as the immense wooden beams and high ceilings, the hall retains a sense of the historical while providing a contemporary space for dining and socializing.

With five eateries and a central bar, Lawrence Hall is sure to offer something for everyone. Among these vendors are Toma and Loaded, both spearheaded by the talented Chef Anthony Tomacchio. These establishments reflect a culinary philosophy that is both innovative and comforting, providing dining experiences that are as memorable as they are delicious.

Toma: Modern Italian, Generations in the Making
With recipes dating back to the early 1900s, heritage is at the core of every dish. Fresh pasta and polenta, house-made sausage and scratch sauces set the stage for a modern Italian menu that bridges past, present and future. Coupled with Italian-inspired craft sandwiches, fresh salads and focaccia pizzas by the slice, Toma delivers an irresistible experience.
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Loaded: Anything But Traditional
An award-winning eatery born in Boston, Loaded’s style of cooking is anything but traditional. With a menu focused on American-fusion cuisine, every bite promises big flavors with bold combinations. Come for the Korean Corn Dogs, stay for the smashburgers, fried chicken, and sauce-smothered fries. 
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The Team Behind the Magic
Originally from North of Boston, Chef Anthony Tomacchio and wife Katrina Tomacchio are a dynamic duo who each bring unique skills to the table when it comes to their restaurant group. 

Chef Anthony is celebrated for his ability to blend traditional cooking techniques with contemporary trends. With Toma, he pays homage to both his and Katrina’s families while incorporating modern twists, and at Loaded, he flexes his creative muscles with dishes such as the Ramen Korean Corn Dog and Drunken Goat Fries. 

As creative director, Katrina handles brand development and growth as well as menu development. She also serves as a non-alcoholic beverage consultant and helped develop the Hall’s mocktail program. With a decade of entrepreneurship experience, this team has found a winning combination in one another.

The Tomacchios journey to Pittsburgh started off as love at first sight. “We originally moved here in 2015 from Massachusetts, looking for a fresh start. We immediately felt at home here. The city, the culture, the people, it was where we belonged.” However, after the birth of their first child in 2020, the couple decided to move back to the Boston area to be closer to family. They launched two successful restaurant concepts while there, but were anxious to get back to Pittsburgh. “When we discovered Lawrence Hall, it just felt right – it was the perfect fit.” So, in 2023, the Tomacchios moved their family (now including three children) to Lawrenceville and have been making a home here ever since.

Other eateries at Lawrence Hall include Cuddy’s Soul Food, emphasizing family recipes with home-cooked goodness; La Palapa, sharing culture and customs through the flavors of Mexican Cuisine; Leona’s, serving small batch ice cream and ice cream sandwiches using local dairy and ingredients; and Dear, James, the central bar named for Captain James Lawrence, the neighborhood’s namesake.

Lawrence Hall is located at 4609 Butler Street, Pittsburgh

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