Step By Step: The Best Walking Tours of Pittsburgh

Immerse yourself in Pittsburgh’s history and culture while enjoying time outdoors and taking your step count to the next level.

Interested in spending more time outdoors plus want to set a new step record in your fitness app? If so, consider one of the fantastic walking tours available in Pittsburgh! Taking a walking tour is not only a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise, but it also allows you to explore the city and discover its fascinating history. This summer activity is suitable for everyone, whether you’re a lifelong Yinzer or a recent transplant. Plus, it’s an excellent option for entertaining out-of-town guests and giving them a break from the confines of the house. So why wait? Lace up your walking shoes and embark on an adventure-filled journey through Pittsburgh’s vibrant streets!

Free Pittsburgh Walking Tours
Offering two tour routes (one downtown and one on the North Side), these tours are held four days a week. Learn about the history of famous buildings, the Pirates, Steelers, events, and more! After you pick your day, you’ll be emailed the location of the starting point. After the tour is complete, you get to choose your price based on your evaluation of the tour. Seems like a pretty fair deal to us! One of the highest rated options in the city, we love the frequency and transparency behind this operation.

Walk The Burgh
Any tour you can imagine, Walk the Burgh has you covered! Downtown, Oakland, and Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle are some of the can’t-miss staple tours, especially great for anyone visiting the city for the first time. Beyond those favorites, Walk The Burgh takes it up a level and offers a Whiskey Tour (adults only, and yes – there are samples of adult beverages offered!); a Hollywood Tour, which includes historic landmarks in Pittsburgh that have been shot and filmed in major movies; a Simply Steps Tour, a stariway adventure through Troy Hill and Spring Garden; and even a Ghost Tour, exploring the spookiest spots downtown! The average cost for a tour is about $27 per person, and all tours include a bottle of water on hot days and a warm cup of tea on chilly days!

Segway Pittsburgh
Need a break from all that walking? Segway Pittsburgh is your move. Taking off from Station Square, these guided tours are a blast for everyone ages 12 and up. Segway Pittsburgh has two main tours to choose from: Downtown or City Lights (their one-of-a-kind nighttime tour!); plus an Adventure Tour which includes a half-hour “hangout” at your choice of over ten popular Pittsburgh locations like the Andy Warhol Museum or PNC Park. Segway tours can range from thirty minutes to two hours and will take you all over the city in style! What fun it would be to zip around downtown and enjoy a breeze while taking in the beautiful urban landscape! Training and helmets are included on every tour, and flat-soled shoes are required. Expect a cost around fifty dollars per person.

Doors Open Pittsburgh
With tour names like Roots of Pittsburgh, Walking Sewickley Secrets, Historic Hazelwood, and so many more, DOORS OPEN boasts the most comprehensive list of walking tours we’ve seen. A nonprofit organization, their goal is to “increase knowledge and appreciation of the heritage, culture, and innovation of Pittsburgh,” and through their informative and entertaing tours they are doing just that! Their experienced and passionate tour guides take you off-the-beaten path, steeping you in the history, cultural contributions, and little-known facts about celebrated Pittsburghers, craftsmen, and tycoons, along with beautiful architectural details of neighborhoods throughout the city. These tours typically last one and a half to two hours and cost $20 – $30 per person.

‘Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tour
If you know that all those extra steps are bound to work up your appetite, then this tour might be perfect for you! Since its establishment in 2008, the ‘Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tour has been offering a unique adventure that combines the exploration of Pittsburgh’s rich history with a diverse range of culinary experiences. Whether you’re a proud native of the Steel City or a visitor from out of town, you’ll feel right at home tasting some of the best foods the city has to offer. With six unique tours to choose from (each covering different areas of the city), there are five to seven stops included on each tour, lasting around two hours. At every stop, guests enjoy tastings ranging from lasagna to ice cream, donuts to empanadas, and more! Break out the stretchy pants and bring your appetite!

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