The Art of the Coffee Break Date

At one time when a man asked a lady on a date, it consisted of him picking her up at her front door, presenting her with flowers and a box of chocolates and then courting her off to dinner and a movie. Nowadays, women are more guarded than ever when meeting unfamiliar men – and getting into a car with a stranger can be undeniably dangerous. Plus, there’s nothing more frustrating than being locked into a night of terrifyingly treacherous boredom with no escape plan other than excusing yourself to the ladies’ room, summoning an uber, and slipping out through the kitchen.

So guys, if you’re looking for a lighthearted, non-intimidating way to approach that pretty woman who caught your eye, consider inviting her for a coffee break date. This may come as a surprise to you, but beautiful women are constantly approached by men asking them out and the idea of jumping into an all-night date with someone new can be daunting. Here’s why more men should consider perfecting the art of the coffee break date:

Who doesn’t like a great coffee?

Coffee is crazy popular for a reason! An early-morning Americano can give you the energy to begin the day with a little extra pep in your step. Even those who prefer to avoid a caffeine-fueled day date still have a variety of options such as refreshers, teas, and cold pressed juices to quench the palate in a laid-back, fun, non-threatening environment. Strike up a conversation about her favorite brew or whether iced coffee is in fact a “winter drink.” Just remember to keep it playful and fun.

It’s a comfortable environment.

Coffee shops are literally designed to be warm inviting spaces for folks to gather. People feel comfortable in coffee shops and that’s why they’re utilized for everything from late-night hangouts to important business meetings. Many coffee shops showcase large comfortable chairs to cozy up into. However, for that first date it’s best to find a space with a low-key, quiet vibe and grab a table and chairs to face each other and talk. Coffee shops can sometimes be hectic venues and by facing her, you will show that you are attentive, interested, and interesting.

It’s not a large time commitment.

When you ask someone out to dinner, you’re asking them to commit to you for the evening. Dinner could then lead to drinks or clubbing or any other number of activities. A coffee date is a much less open-ended invitation. If she doesn’t like you, she can leave; if you don’t like her, you can leave. Taking a lady out to a nice dinner is undoubtedly a great date choice, but keep in mind: you can always start with the coffee break date and allow it to open up opportunity for a second date: the quintessential dinner-and-a-movie.

It negates a lot of awkwardness.

A first date can be a stressful experience. There are tons of choices to be made, from what to wear, where to go, and whether you should have a friend phone you with a fake emergency halfway through. Then there’s the whole rigmarole that comes with being around a new person. Occasionally women will worry themselves to death about things that may seem less important to men. Will he open the door? Will he order for me? Who’s going to pick up the tab?  Meeting at a coffee shop avoids many of these potential first-date blunders. It also takes away most of the awkwardness that surrounds the end-of-the-evening goodbye. Standing on the doorstep of a woman’s home or apartment can bring up a whole new list of stressors. Will he kiss me? Does he expect me to invite him in? Should we make plans to go out again?  Try just meeting at your local cafe and you may wind up with a much more relaxed date. And what man doesn’t want that?

She doesn’t have to dress up and neither do you.

Although I’m an advocate of always looking your best, meeting for coffee necessitates very little formality. Furthermore, if you’re meeting up on your work break or even before the work day gets started, chances are both of you will already be dressed for the day and meeting one another won’t take a wardrobe toll on anyone. Trust me, if anything can ruin a first date, it’s the two hours that precede it when – no matter how big her closet – a girl just never has anything to wear.

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